The National Trust

    The National Trust

    The National Trust was formerly known as the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest and Natural Beauty. They are a registered charity who aim to protect and preserve places with cultural heritage, historic merit and places with natural beauty. This may include outdoor spaces but also properties such as manors and country houses. Through protecting property, they have also managed to grow a collection of famous artworks. They invite members of the public to visit their locations and also run small cafes and an online shop to supplement funding streams.

    They carry out their work in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The trust has authority over the selling of some land in order to help it protect certain places. It operates using a network of members, volunteers and donations. It also funds operations from membership fees, charging entrance fees to some areas and revenue from some of its establishments within protected properties. These businesses include restaurants and gift shops.

    The National trust Opening Hours And Locations

    The National Trust owns more than 80 locations. These 80 locations are spread throughout the three aforementioned countries and are found in more than 70 cities. Naturally, these places differ significantly between outdoor spectacles and properties, which can make it difficult to tell if you’re in one of the locations they strive to protect and preserve. One way of being able to recognise one of their locations is to look out for their logo. Their logo simply reads their name below an image of foliage. The logo can be found in different colors but is most frequently seen in green on a white background or in purple on a white background.

    The opening times of their establishments can vary. However, many of the National Trust opening times are similar across their sites. From Monday to Friday, their protected areas are open between 11am and 4pm. On weekends, National Trust opening times remain the same on Saturdays but most locations are closed all day Sunday. To avoid disappointment, it is always best to check the opening times of the National Trust’s specific location by using the branch locator tool on The National Trust opening times should be consulted on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays when hours may change, or their places may be closed.

    Five Things You Didn’t Know About The National Trust

    The National Trust and their work may be familiar to many residents of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but there are many things that most people, including some of their members and volunteers, will not be aware of. These include:

    1. The childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney are protected by the National Trust
    2. They helped discover Dutch painter Rembrandt’s self-portrait
    3. More than 200 historic townhouses are protected by the National Trust - not just large stately homes and castles!
    4. It is one of the largest registered charities in terms of assets and income
    5. They work with an American equivalent called the Royal Oak Foundation

    Products And Services

    The service offered by the National Trust is to allow members of the public and tourists to visit these areas and buildings of cultural merit and historic value. They help protect these sights and conserve their beauty by using volunteers. All of this is overseen by a board of trustees who are governed by a council. Visitors can take in their locations and on many occasions, visitors can buy souvenirs at their gift shops or buy food and drinks at their cafes – which are located on site or nearby. People also have the chance to become members and enjoy their protected areas without paying entrance fees and the trust runs an online shop where the public can purchase jewellery, homeware, seasonal gifts, books, decorative prints and more.

    A Brief History

    The National Trust was established in 1895 by three men. It began by protecting open spaces and building which were significantly threatened by extensive damage or by potential changes to the locations which could see national treasures disappearing. The trust has acquired a growing number of members, volunteers and land due to generous donations left in wills. Over its long existence, it has continued to grow and protect areas of natural beauty.

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