Peacocks is a chain of fashion stores located on high streets all across the UK that primarily offers women's clothing, but does also offer lines of clothing aimed at children and men. Their extensive range of clothing covers everything from daywear, nightwear, shoes, bags and accessories of varying sizes and styles. They have a range of low cost jewellery and accessories, mainly targeted at females which includes hairbrushes, headbands, rings, makeup and body lotions. You can find socks, skirts, shirts, jackets, coats, jumpers, trousers and kidswear in a variety of modern styles. It’s a great place for everyday wear at affordable prices.

Peacocks are known for offering clothing at a reasonable price that can be considered great value for money which is not at the expense of quality. Regular sales and promotions further showcase their principle of delivering great value for money for their customers.  They have an extensive high-street presence and a loyal customer base - they are recognised as being one of the market-leaders in supplying generic (non-school logo) school wear at reasonable prices.

Peacocks Opening Hours and Store Locations

There are close to 500 Peacocks stores in the United Kingdom with 65% of those being found in city centres such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol. London is the city with the most Peacocks stores but all major cities and town centres will be represented by this major fashion brand in the UK.   They are well-represented on the high streets of all major cities and towns across the UK and most people will recognise the brand and the logo.

Peacocks is easily recognised on the high streets when and in shopping centres across the United Kingdom with its logo being known well nationally. You will easily spot one of their establishments when you approach them either on foot or by car due to the contrasting logo. That logo consists of a black background with the lettering being easily visible due to being in white.

The opening times of Peacocks stores can differ depending on each store but generally speaking, most will operate between 9AM to 5.30PM Monday to Saturday and between 10AM to 4PM on Sundays. Closing and opening hours pf Peacock branches will also be subject to change during holidays such as Christmas, New Year and Easter due to local and national regulations but they will always be open at some point if and when they can be. Check our store locator to find a Peacocks open near you today.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Peacocks

Here are five interesting facts that you probably didn't know about Peacocks:

  1. Peacocks have been running for more than 130 years having been established in 1884
  2. You will also find Peacocks stores across Europe and the Middle East
  3. More than 6,000 people are employed by Peacocks
  4. Peacocks partners and supports the Cancer Research charity.
  5. Peacocks regularly sponsor sports teams in its hometown of Cardiff with the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey club being a regular

Products and Services

Peacocks primarily offer clothing ranges for women, men, and kids as well as shoes and accessories. Women are offered a wider range of products and they can expect to see all sizes and styles of lingerie, nightwear,  jeans, dresses, blouses and skirts among many others.

Offering a good compromise between quality and value, Peacocks consistently adds new items to its range of clothing such as seasonal wear like summer and winter. Women's jumpers, jeans, shoes and dresses, in particular, are the most popular products at Peacocks while their value for money range of lingerie and nightwear are also among their best sellers. Men and children are not forgotten either with affordable and stylish men's shirts and kids jackets usually being the most popular ranges among shoppers.  They also supply a wide range of back-to-school clothing for children which competes well against larger stores with price and quality.

A Brief History

Established in Cheshire in 1884 by Albert Frank Peacock as Peacock’s Penny Bazaars, Peacocks as it is known today quickly established itself as offering products that were considered great value for money. This core principle of offering excellent value for money allowed Peacocks to prosper over the next 100-years. It would not be until the 1990’s that the store would explode into how we see it today, a value-for-money retailer that focuses primarily on affordable quality clothing.

In 2012, Peacocks were bought out by the Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group who also own the Jane Norman chain of stores in the UK.  

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