was founded in 2008 as the first website to focus entirely on collecting opening times in the UK and making these available to the public. With the listing of opening times of nearly 150,000 companies, is the most complete website with up-to-date opening times, including shops open on Sundays, shops that offer late night shopping and shops open on bank holidays. It's no surprise that our platform was mentioned by leading UK media such as The Guardian, HuffPost, Metro, Dailystar, and many others.

well over a hundred thousand By now, has become one of the most popular websites in the retail business, with millions of UK visitors every month. However, is more than just a place to look up opening times. We also offer information about all the popular shops, residential boulevards and shopping centres in the Netherlands.

The technology behind our current database

We have developed special software to collect and index opening hours and business data in our database. This so-called 'crawler' indexes the opening times of most stores on our platform at least once a week. Some retailers manage the data themselves, sometimes with the use of our APIs.

Every week, our 'crawler' visits thousands of web pages to see if we show the most current data on our website. This makes the most up-to-date opening times platform in the Netherlands, including opening times during bank holidays, when opening times often deviate. B.V. in The Netherlands is an initiative of B.V., situated in The Hague, Netherlands. We spend the utmost care on the development and composition of our platform. We are constantly working to improve and expand the data on Unfortunately, partly due to dependence on third parties (for example, retailers), we cannot give any guarantee or statements as to the accuracy of the information provided.


You can contact / B.V. using the details below. B.V.
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WhatsApp: +31651951467

If you are unable to e-mail or send a message via WhatsApp, you can also leave a voicemail on: +31651951467. Please leave a message with your contact information/e-mail address and your question or comment, and clearly state your business name and address if applicable. You can use most of our services free of charge. We want to keep it that way and for that reason, we do not (yet) offer live support.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about an entry or about See the FAQ below and find answers to the most frequently asked questions!

How can I list my business?

You can register your business via the registration form. The basic listing is free of charge. A basic listing contains your address, opening times and logo. If you also want to display your website and photos, you can contact us for a premium business listing.

How can I change my business data?

You can change your business listing via the management portal at To change an entry that has not yet been added to your account, select ‘manage’ on the detail page of the entry (bottom right).

My business is only open by appointment, can I display it as such?

On the entry screen of your opening times, you can select ‘by appointment’ for each day or period that you only work by appointment. This will be displayed on

My business has opening times on Sundays and late night shopping on specific days, can I display this?

You can specify this on, be selecting 'recurring' Sunday opening times, such as 'first Sunday of the month, last Sunday of the month', etc. or you can select incidental Sunday opening times on specific dates on the calendar.

My business has custom holiday opening times, can I display this?

You can specify this on, at the bottom of the entry page for your opening times is a list of bank holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Spring Bank Holiday and so on. There, you can specify the changed opening times and whether your business is closed.

My business has seasonal opening times, can I enter these as well?

Seasonal opening times are also supported on our platform. When entering opening times, you can specify the period for which these are applicable and thus add a number of seasons/periods. This possibility is mainly used by companies in tourist areas.

My business has different opening times for different departments, does that fit within one entry?

Specific department opening times are supported and can be added when entering your business data. This option is often used by garages with a showroom, where the sales and the garage department each have their own opening times. A store chain can use this option for the custom opening times for their various customers. For example, McDonald's uses it to indicate the opening times of the Restaurant and the McDrive.

Why isn't my business listed at the top of the category list?

The display order of businesses is based on the distance from your current (specified) location, the business that is closest to it will be shown at the top.

Can I use abroad?

We are happy that you find our platform so useful that you would like to use it abroad as well! is only meant for shops in the Netherlands, but our platform operates under a local name in a number of other countries:
USA at
United Kingdom at
Duitsland at
Netherlands at
Frankrijk at (recent takeover, our own platform will go live in 2019)
Spanje at (under development)

Where can I report changes?

Private: we apologize if you have found yourself in front of a closed door using our service. You would be of great help to us if you report a possible error through the contact form, indicating the correct opening hours if you have them.
Retailer: If you own the store, you can use your account to change the details. For questions, please contact us via the above information.

Advertising on

For retailers and brands, is an interesting platform: we are the platform of your target group. Many businesses preceded you with an advertising campaign or a premium business listing for their establishment(s). Please contact us for more information.

Other questions...

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The number of users of our site has grown significantly from right after its launch in June 2007, and so has the number of shops and businesses listed on our website. The UK has hundreds of retail parks and shopping centres but there was nowhere you could find a clear overview of all of those locations, the shops and the associated information, such as late night shopping and Sunday shopping. You can now also find all this information on! is available online via your computer, smartphone and your tablet. Find everything you need on a website that is optimised for use on all your devices!

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