Holland & Barrett

Holland And Barrett

Holland and Barrett is a health shop and supplements and vitamins chain. They offer customers the chance to buy different types of food and health products. They offer products to aid sports nutrition and weight management, foods free from certain ingredients, vitamins, health products, healthy snacks, food supplements, and you can even find grooming products and makeup within their aisles.  Their stores can be found globally in more than 15 countries spread across different continents. In fact, they have over 1200 outlets in total. They were one of the first chains to offer CBD oil in their shops and have frequent sales offering some items for 1p when bought with another.

Holland And Barrett Opening Times And Store Locations

Holland and Barrett opening times in the UK are usually between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm. However, some of their establishments stay open later – Holland and Barrett opening times for branches located in shopping centres rather than high street locations are generally longer. Hours may change, or the store may be closed on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and other bank holidays as Holland and Barrett opening times will change depending on local regulations. You can check the Holland And Barrett opening times for the branch closest to you on the online store locator.

They have over 750 UK-based stores which are found in most major towns and cities. Most of their stores are found in larger cities such as London, Glasgow and Birmingham. They also operate internationally with a presence in the UAE, India, Belgium, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong, China and the Republic of Ireland. You will always be able to recognise a Holland and Barrett store due to their familiar logo. Their logo is simply the company name written in fancy green lettering on a neutral background.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Holland and Barrett

  1. They used to sell clothes
  2. Sir David John White has advertised for them
  3. They are over 100 years old
  4. They have stores in multiple continents
  5. Their staff are all categorised as “advisors” for their range of items

Products And Services

Holland and Barrett are well known for their healthy produce. They offer customers a wide range of edible and drinkable products with health benefits. They sell many different supplements from vitamin tablets to pet supplements and even stock vegan-friendly options. Their shelves are also full of regular foods such as jars of honey, teas, healthy snacks, grains, pasta, rice, baking goods and foods which are great alternatives for those with dietary needs.

Their sports supplement aisles keep powders and bars high in protein and energy, as well as creatine, drinks, gels and other performance-enhancing supplements. Along with their wide range of food, you can buy health and beauty products. These products target healthy skin, hair, nails, male grooming and much more.  Their staff proactively advise customers on what they may need and which products may suit them best. They also have a membership card and magazine which offers discounts and items which may be of interest to customers.

This is just a snapshot of their products and there is much more to choose from in store. However, if you cannot get to a store they also provide a home-delivery service that will ship products directly to your door. When online, there is also a health hub blog which discusses different health-related topics.

A Brief History

The company was formed when men by the name of Major William Holland and Alfred Slapps Barret bought a grocery store together in the historic town of Bishop’s Stortford. When the pair bought the store in 1870, they had enough success to buy another one. One of their stores continued down the grocer’s path while the other started selling clothes. After opening a third store in the 1920s, they decided to sell the business to Alfred Button & Sons.

Many different companies have since held ownership of the company, including well-known Lloyds Pharmacy. The company is no longer owned by Lloyds Pharmacy and has continued to change hands multiple times since. However, the brand is still recognised as a symbol of health supplements and alternative medicine – to the extent that a British MP has become known as an honorary MP of Holland and Barrett because of his pro-homeopathy status.

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