Headquartered in Enderby in Leicestershire, Next is a hugely popular retail chain in the UK that offers fashionable clothing ranges for men, women and children. Selling everything from jumpers, jeans, suits, dresses, blouses, jackets, shoes, lingerie and even beauty products, Next is one of the most recognisable names on the UK high streets. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Next is the biggest clothing retailer in the UK in terms of sales and it now has more than 700 stores worldwide, with more than 500 of those being in Britain.Next has its own unique style, and clothes purchased here are usually a little bit more expensive thanks to the quality of the materials used. Next usually is located across multiple floors in shopping centres and high streets, and for this reason there are separate Men, Women and Children sections. Next is popular for the smart casual look, and carries a range of evening wear for both men and women,

Next Opening Hours and Locations

Of the 500+ branches in the UK, most will be found in the major cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle whether on the high street or in large shopping centres. Most larger towns across the UK will also have a branch of Next somewhere close by and these are easily recognizable due to the well known white Next logo on a black background. More than 200 stores can also be found all across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Opening times of Next branches are standardised across most branches with their hours of operation usually being between 9 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM on Saturdays and 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM on Sundays. Of course, holidays such as Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day,  Good Friday, Easter Monday and bank holidays will see a change to the regular opening times of Next branches due to local and national regulations.Some Next store closing times vary because of their location within a shopping centre, however ones on the high street may be more flexible. Check Next store opening times on our store locator to find one near you open today.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Next

Despite being one of the UK’s most recognizable clothing stores, there are some things about Next that many people do not know. Here are five of those little-known facts:

  1. Next is more than 150 years old having been founded in 1864
  2. People in more than 70 countries worldwide can buy Next clothing online
  3. Next became the UK's largest clothing retailer in 2012 when it overtook Marks & Spencer
  4. 5 Next stores can be found in Africa
  5. 40,000 people are employed by Next worldwide

Products and Services

Next initially focused purely on stylish and affordable women’s clothing but then expanded to offer clothing for both men and children. As of now, their clothing categories include women, lingerie, men, girls, boys and shoes. T-shirts, shirts, jeans, suits, blouses, swimwear and hats, shoes and accessories are just some of the wide range of clothing that Next sells to its army of customers.

They also offer products for the home such as furniture, electrical appliances, tableware and bedding, beauty products such as make-up, fragrances and men's grooming products and sports goods such as football boots, trainers and gym wear. Next also sell goods online and via a catalogue service called the NEXT directory which gives customers up to 1,000 pages of products that they can purchase.

NEXT participate in customer loyalty schemes, offering their own cards and also with the purchase of NEXT gift cards from other retailers.  They have expanded into their own app, which allows users to get up to date offers and discounts, sometimes with “push” technology in store that will pop-up an offer to a customer that is already shopping.

A Brief History

Initially formed and launched in 1864 as J Hepworth & Son, it was not until 1981 when the company bought the Kendalls chain of rainwear shops and turned them into 70 NEXT womenswear shops within a year. Two years later they expanded by opening 52 Next for Men stores across the UK and just two years later J Hepworth & Son officially changed their name to NEXT plc.

Childrenswear and the NEXT catalogue was to follow just a couple of years later and by 1994 due to massive growth and success, there were now more than 300 stores in high streets up and down the UK. They then switched their main focus to providing online shopping options for consumers in the early 2000’s and this just added yet another solid string to their bow. 2015 saw them add their 546th store as they look to expand their presence on a more global scale.

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