Premier stores

Premier Stores

Premier Stores is a British food retailer and newsagent that was formed in 1994 and has numerous convenience stores throughout the United Kingdom. The company is a ‘symbol group’ within the Booker Group and is owned by Tesco PLC. A ‘symbol group’ is a term used in Britain to describe a franchise within the retail industry. Premier Stores has a focus on serving local communities throughout the United Kingdom and all of their stores are owned by local independent retailers. They mostly stock staple food items such as bread, milk and much more but also provide newspapers magazines and scratchcards. They have over 3,000 stores throughout the country, which each aim to bring low cost products to their respective locality.  They employ and serve their local communities, giving them a much more integrated feel.

Premier Stores Opening Times & Store Locations

Premier Stores has over 3,000 establishments in various locations throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. They have placed convenience stores strategically around the country so that they can serve all local communities around Britain. Premier Stores opening times for some shops may vary depending on store locations but a typical schedule of their opening times is from 8am to 8pm or 7am to 11pm. Premier stores opening times can significantly change on bank holidays, New Year’s Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, Good Friday, and Easter Monday.

With over 3,000 stores across the country, this means it can be difficult to find the opening times of a local Premier stores establishment. Not to worry - help those asking for local Premier Stores opening times by offering a free branch locator checker with updated opening hours information.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Premier Stores

Due to the prevalence of Premier Stores convenience shops located throughout the country, they have become a well-established and well-known brand throughout the United Kingdom, but here are 5 things that you didn’t know about Premier Stores:


  • Premier Stores has a reputation for excellent service, range and value.  So much so that at the recent Him Awards 18, the company were awarded multiple awards, including ‘Shopper’s Favourite Symbol Retailer’,’ Shopper’s Favourite Convenience Retailer’, and ‘Shopper’s Favourite Community Retailer’ awards
  • Premier Stores is the largest and fastest growing symbol group in the whole of the United Kingdom
  • The motto of the establishment is “Proud to serve our local community”
  • The company is active on social media and encourages customers to provide feedback to them on their Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Premier Stores often has seasonal-based deals with heavily discounted products available on offer at different times of the year


Products & Services

Premier Stores offer a hot and cold food ‘to-go’ service at most of their branches. Typically, the foods available in this service are sausage rolls, steak bakes, sandwiches and a wide variety of hot and cold drinks.

Premier Stores have a variety of different branded products available in their shops such as Andrex toilet paper, Felix cat food, and Wotsits crisps. The company also has wide variety of own label products available in their shops, ranging from kitchen essentials to fresh produce. Their own label brands include:

    • Discover the Choice. This brand offers numerous fresh food and ready meal products such as Indian meals, pizzas, and cooked meats.
    • Euro Shopper. This is the fastest growing convenience brand in the UK and has a range of over 90 different everyday value products. Items in the range include tea bags, household cleaning items and confectionery.
    • Farm Fresh. This range offers fresh produce items direct from the grower. These items include fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.


  • Happy Shopper. This is the biggest own label range available in Premier Stores and has over 300 products across a variety of categories. Some products in this range have permanent ‘2 for 1’ offers that enable customers to make bigger savings. Products in this range include soft drinks, tinned food and toilet paper.


One of the main services that the main company offers is low-cost bulk deals on certain products. Throughout the year, the company runs various different promotions such as ‘half price’, ‘3 for £10’, and ‘only £1’ deals.  These are often responsive based on the time of the year, expected customer increased demand - or sometimes they are permanent deals that have no link to external factors.

A Brief History

Premier Stores was founded in 1994 as a brand of newsagents and convenience stores. The company operates in the United Kingdom and has shops in England, Scotland and Wales. Since 2012, Premier Stores has been a subsidiary of Booker Group and subsequently, Tesco after the 2017 merger between Tesco plc and Booker Group plc.

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