B&Q is a DIY retailer operating in the UK. They help homeowners and DIY enthusiasts with their projects by offering an exceptionally large number of products. They sell different types of building supplies such as concrete mix, plastering, metal, various types of timber and their shelves are also stocked with a number of commonly-used hardware items such as screws, nails, brackets and much more. They also sell other products to aid renovations and personal builds such as paint and a selection of quality tools. Along with their DIY-type products, they also make finished articles. Instead of making your own furniture and designs you can buy theirs as they also sell home and garden décor, as well as lighting, tiles and heating systems. In total, they have more than 260 stores in the UK. Despite their size and success, the DIY retailing chain’s only overseas presence is in Ireland.

B&Q Opening Times And Store Locations

Their 260-and-more stores can be found in high streets, industrial retail parks and in most major shopping centres. They are present in more than 230 locations which means many UK residents can easily access a nearby B&Q establishment. Some residents may have a choice between local stores because many major towns and cities have two different branches – often of different sizes. People living in the capital cities of England and Scotland, as well as Bristol, have the most branch options within their local area. Recognising these branches is very easy for people familiar with the brand and for first-time visitors. The company usually have bright orange stores, or an aspect of their storefront uses the colour orange. The same goes for their logo which simply reads the company name in bold white text on a square orange background.

If planning to visit one of their stores, it is best to consult the specific branch’s opening times before travelling. The best way to do this is to use the branch locator at opening-times.co.uk. This free online tool lets users check the opening times of any B&Q branch easily. It is even more useful on certain dates and at specific periods during the year when businesses alter their opening times. Prime examples of when the branch locator will come in even more useful are New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays. They are likely to change hours on these days to comply with local regulations and to cater for increases or decreases in demand.

Nevertheless, most of their establishments have the same B&Q opening times. On weekdays, their stores are usually open between 7am and 9pm. On Saturdays, B&Q opening hours are somewhat similar as they are open between 7am and 8pm. B&Q opening times are reduced significantly on Sundays as on these days they operate between 10am and 4pm.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About B&Q

This DIY retailer might be well known within the UK and Ireland – you may even be sitting on one of their products right now. Yet, there are plenty of aspects about the business that even some of their loyalist customers are not aware of. These include:

  • They used to operate in China
  • The business started in Southampton
  • They are over 45 years old
  • They employ over 15,000 people
  • They are a subsidiary of Kingfisher Plc.

Products And Services

The company predominantly sell a range of products to be used within DIY projects. They sell the different materials required to create an item of furniture or to enhance a part of a property. They also sell hardware and the tools needed to make these jobs a success. Specifically, their range of products can be divided between many categories, including building and hardware materials, painting and decorating, tools and equipment, flooring and tiling, electricals and heating and plumbing. They also sell their finished furniture and items for the garden, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Their products can be purchased in one of their stores or can be bought online for collection or delivery. They even run a blog to help inspire projects and renovations.

A Brief History

In 1969, the company was started by David Quayle and Richard Block. They began by taking over a furniture warehouse on the outskirts of Southampton. Delivery drivers and invoices kept shortening their then-name, Block and Quayle, to B&Q, which they decided to adopt. Hard work and long hours enabled the pair to grow their business quickly. To date, the company is now a subsidiary of Kingfisher Plc. and continues to serve UK residents.

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