Pizza Express

Pizza Express

Pizza Express is one of the UK’s largest chains of Italian restaurants and is best known for its range of pizzas. If delicious cheesy pizza is a favourite of yours, you really are in for a treat! There are more than 430 Pizza Express establishments in the UK, each with varying hours of operation but all with a similar menu of pizza and other Italian favourites that can be eaten in the restaurant or ordered as for delivery. Easily one of the more popular Italian restaurants in the UK, there will be something for everyone on the menu.

Here you can choose from starters such as garlic bread, prawns and other small delicacies. For the main course you can choose from pizzas or pasta, however there is also the option for chicken or steak dishes if you don’t fancy something too Italian. There is a kids menu too which makes eating out as a family easy enough. There is a selection of fine wines and champagnes on offer, in addition to alcoholic cocktails and mocktails too. If you are a TasteCard holder, you can get 2-4-1 on all starters, mains and desserts at any of the Pizza Express branches near you.

Pizza Express Opening Hours and Locations

As you might expect, Pizza Express can be found the most in the cities and larger towns but because of its takeaway service, almost everyone in the UK will be able to enjoy the tasty menu that it offers. Found primarily on the high streets and in shopping centres, food courts and services, finding a branch should never prove to be too difficult.

Not many people enjoy pizza for breakfast so the opening hours for this chain of Pizza Express restaurants will reflect that fact. Most branches of Pizza Express will open their doors at 11.30 AM all week long and will close at 11 PM Monday to Saturday - and at an earlier time of 10 PM on Sundays. As you might expect, during major holidays such as Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday and even on bank holidays, opening times of Pizza Express are going to differ from the norm. Check out the store locator for Pizza Express brands open near you today.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza Express

Here are 5 little-known facts that you probably didn’t know about Pizza Express:

  1. Pizza Express celebrated its 50th anniversary back in 2015
  2. In a bid to help prevent Venice from sinking, in 1977 Pizza Express created the Pizza Veneziana and pledged 5p to a charity from each pizza sold
  3. Pizza Express also has a partnership with MacMillan Cancer Support and donates 25p for each Padana Pizza that is sold
  4. Founder Peter Boizot imported the first proper pizza oven from Italy to the UK and had to knock a wall down to get it into his first restaurant as it would not fit through the door.
  5. Pizza Express can be found in 14 different countries.

Products and Services

While the name Pizza Express would tell you that they sell pizza in their restaurant, you can actually find a number of other Italian specialties on the menu as well. Pasta dishes such as carbonara, lasagna and spaghetti bolognese among others can all be enjoyed. Of course, pizza is the main type of food on offer here and you will be presented with a menu full of classic favourites such as pepperoni and margherita pizzas and specialty pizzas such as ‘Sloppy Guiseppe’ and ‘La Reine’.

There are four different menus that you can use when ordering at Pizza Express, one is the main menu for when you are dining in, another is a children’s menu with dishes and tastes tailored for children, a light menu that offers some healthier options and of course, a takeaway menu that you can use when calling up to have a pizza delivered to your home.

They even sell their own frozen pizza both from inside their restaurants and in supermarkets that stock them! Now you can cook your very own tasty Pizza Express pizza from the comfort of your own home.

A Brief History

Pizza Express was actually born out of a holiday. Founder Peter Boizot visited Italy one year and then realized that the quality of pizza in London was nowhere near as good as it should be. He decided to start his own pizza restaurant in London in 1965 and added a different twist by bringing in entertainment for guests in the form of Jazz bands playing live music in the evenings.

The Pizza Express brand quickly started to grow with new restaurants opening up all over the country. Eventually, Pizza Express restaurants would be seen in as many as 14 different countries with more than 100 restaurants now open in locations across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. As for the restaurant count in the UK, this would eventually grow to the 470+ restaurants seen on high streets today.

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