Yorkshire Building Society

Yorkshire Building Society

Ranked as the 3rd biggest building society in the country, the Yorkshire Building Society has been trading since 1864 and is a registered member of Building Societies Association. There is network of 178 branches throughout the country and the financial organisation has a total of £30b. Its aim and vision are to be the financial services provider that is the most trusted in the country. There are a full range of financial products and services offered by the YBS, including mortgages, savings, insurance and many other that are useful and practical for life planning.  

Yorkshire Building Society opening times and locations

Despite its moniker, London is home to the most YBS branches, with Leeds and Huddersfield close behind. However, there are Yorkshire Building society establishments located up and down the country and they are incredibly easy to spot. The Yorkshire Building Society opening times for branches can vary somewhat from location to location. Generally, though, they are open from Monday through to Friday, between 9pm and 5pm. Most are closed for business on the weekend, but it is worth checking the details of local branches for the exact opening and closing times. You can use our useful online store locator tool to find Yorkshire Building Society opening times for branches closest to you.

As with most businesses in the UK, there are times of the year when the Yorkshire Building Society opening times are altered. This includes Christmas and Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Easter Monday, bank holidays and other public holidays. As with the local Yorkshire Building Society opening times, it's always worth checking the days local stores are open and when they are closed.

5 Intriguing Facts about Yorkshire Building Society

As one of the longest running and biggest building societies in the country, Yorkshire Building Society is widely known and loved by many. While even the most loyal of customers may think they know all there is to know about this successful business, there are always facts and figures that can be found that are both interesting and eye-opening. We have gathered together a list including five of our favourites below.

  1. Yorkshire Building Society staff are given 31-hours paid leave to enable them to take part in charitable and voluntary activities in the local community.
  2. During 2017, the financial organisation recycled 95% of the waste accumulated from its offices and branches.
  3. From 1999 onwards, the charitable foundation for the organisation has donated over £7m to great causes and charities up and down their country.
  4. The society is partnered with the charity End Youth Homelessness and they want to work together to raise funds to allow young people to have comfortable independent lives and to remove the barriers they face.
  5. At the end of 2017, the YBS had a total of 3m customers

Products and Services

In its capacity as the third biggest building society in the country, YBS offers many of the products and services you would expect. It has a range of savings accounts, mortgages and insurance packages. As Yorkshire Building Society is one of the only remaining mutual organisations in the UK, it believes it offers great value for money. Along with the previously mentioned financial products, they also offer legal and life planning services such as will writing and advice. This is offered through a partnership with Hugh James, a top 100 law firm that has more than 50 years' experience.

Brief History

The Huddersfield Equitable Permanent Benefit Building Society was established in Huddersfield in 1864. Over the years it expanded through a number of high-profile mergers, most notably the one with Permanent Building Society back in 1975, to become the countrywide-serving building society it is known as today. It was back in 1982 that the society was renamed and rebranded into the Yorkshire Building Society, when the West Yorkshire Building Society merged with the Huddersfield & Bradford Building Society.

It continued to absorb various building societies around the country to establish its place in the market for different regional markets, including its takeover of Haywards Health Building Society in Sussex in 1992 and Gainsborough Building Society in 2001. Today, with Mike Regnier as the Chief Executive, it provides its various financial services directly and through its network of branches and associated agencies. As it is one of the only mutual building societies in operation in the UK, it is a company that remains answerable to its members directly, rather than shareholders.

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