Banco Santander is a financial services company and a commercial bank founded in Spain. It originated from Santander, hence the name, but also has a strong headquarter-type presence in other major Spanish cities including Barcelona and Madrid. They are involved with all major financial institutes within Europe and South America. They have many subsidiaries in lots of countries, including Santander UK – their commercial UK bank.

They offer current and potential customers the opportunity to open current accounts, savings accounts, take out mortgages on properties, get personal loans or insurance and buy shares in the company. These financial products can be opened online and in one of their 12,000 branches, worldwide. Santander has a frequent relationship with the sporting world and have sponsored elite level football leagues and competitions and have a partnership with British Olympian, Jessica Ennis. They also maintain a sponsorship of major Formula One racing teams.

Santander Opening Times And Branch Locations

Santander can be found in many more countries than their Spanish origins. They run multiple commercial banks in an array of European countries, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Branches may be found in small to large towns and cities in all of the countries they are present in. The Santander opening times may vary depending on the location of the store. Some branches run services on Sundays while others are closed. Santander opening times may vary on public holidays, but in general physical branch locations will be closed on bank holidays. You can check the Santander opening times of your closest branch on the online branch locator.

Telephone banking Santander opening times may also vary between countries, but Santander UK has an open telephone banking service between the hours of 6am and 11pm. Telephone banking will have reduced working hours on bank holidays, Good Friday, Easter Monday and Boxing Day – no branch services will be available during these days. Internet banking services are always functional.

Santander has a notable logo which can easily be identified. They have their unique red “flame” and company text to the right of it on a white background.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Santander

Many people will not have looked into the running of Banco Santander, yet, when you do take a look at how they do business, you will notice a lot of interesting facts:

  1. Santander are heavily involved in football sponsorship, from grass roots level up to elite standards
  2. They have more than 190,000 employees
  3. Santander have a strongly charitable ethos and they support charitable foundations across their entire location
  4. They have 12,000 branches across the globe
  5. The Santander logo is recognisable in the four continents in which they operate

Products And Services

Santander offers the general public many different financial products. These include current accounts, savings accounts, the option to buy shares, mortgages, personal loans, credit cards, home insurance, life insurance, ISA accounts and investment opportunities. One of their most successful and popular products brought to market is their ‘123 Current Account’. This current account offers great interest rates, an arranged overdraft facility, the potential to earn cashback and additional interest at major retailers. To be eligible for these offers you must meet certain conditions upon application and each month regarding your account’s activity.   As with all banks under responsible banking guidelines, they also offer a basic banking account for those who are may not be able to qualify for accounts with additional facilities.

Another popular product from Santander UK is their two-year fixed-rate ISA. The ISA offers customers with lucrative interest rates on their savings. Noteworthy, their saving account interest rates can be enhanced depending on what other products the customer owns, especially those that have combined products within their 123 range.

Brief History

Banco Santander began operating in 1857 but had a major merging partnership in 1999 with Banco Central Hispano. However, this partnership did not go as smoothly as possible and Santander went on to merge with other banks and financial organisations. They have acquired the likes of Abbey National, Alliance and Leicester, Bradford and Bingley, Bank Zachodni WBK and many other financial companies. They continue to purchase parts of other banks worldwide and have grown into a strong force on the global financial scene.

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