Day Lewis Pharmacy

Day Lewis Pharmacy

Day Lewis Pharmacy is a family-owned business that dispenses prescription medication to people given to them by their doctors. As well as prescriptions, this group of pharmacies also offers customers over-the-counter drugs, health advice and vaccinations.

Built with a mission to help people be as healthy as they could, this pharmacy operates on the concept that it wants to offer a friendlier and more personal experience to its customers. This is in direct competition to pharmacies such as Boots or Lloyds.

You can expect to find an extensive range of health and wellness products here including over the counter and prescribed medications, first aid items, haircare, dental care, footcare, cosmetics and toiletries.

Day Lewis Pharmacy Opening Times and Locations

Today there are over 300 Day Lewis Pharmacy branches across the UK, which is impressive for a family-run business that started from just one little shop in Southborough. As well as being located on the high street, you’ll also find Day Lewis Pharmacy establishments in various health centres. There’s even a concession in the world-famous Harrods in London – perfect for ailing husbands suffering from too much shopping.

The company branding is bright and cheerful, which is a nice considering many of their customers are ill and could do with a cheery backdrop to collect their medicine. The logo features the company name surrounded by stripes in blue, orange and yellow.

The pharmacy locations, which have a heavy presence in the south of England, mainly operate under the same open and close times nationally. The Day Lewis Pharmacy opening times  are 9am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm on a Saturday and closed on a Sunday. Prescriptions will not be handled from 1 to 2pm, as this is when the pharmacist takes their lunch break, they will still be open for general sales or enquires, though.

The Day Lewis Pharmacy opening times change on national holidays and bank holidays, such as Christmas and Boxing day. Reduced hours will operate on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, depending on when that day lands every year. In these cases, use the website’s ‘pharmacies near me’ function to check Day Lewis Pharmacy opening times and closing times or contact the pharmacy directly.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Day Lewis Pharmacy

Over the years, the Day Lewis Pharmacy group has racked up various awards and achievements for its great service both to its customers and its employees. Here are just five facts you might not know about this independent chain:

  1. In 2014, the late founder, Kirit Patel MBE won the CEO of the Year award at the PwC Private Business Awards.
  2. The pharmacy group are installing barcode scanners into all of their establishments in an initiative against counterfeit drugs. These scanners will be used against all medicines that enter their shops to ensure they are the real deal. Staff will also be trained to check for tampering on seals.
  3. In 2013, the Day Lewis group established an annual charity day. Every year, each pharmacy can choose a local charity of their choice to raise money for.
  4. The company employs over 2,000 people across the UK and believes in training and developing its employees so they can rise in the company. They were awarded a gold “investors in people” accreditation in 2013.
  5. Despite its size, this pharmacy group is still very much family-run, with the family of both founders taking key roles in the business.

Products and Services

As well as dispensing prescriptions from health professionals, Day Lewis Pharmacy establishments also offer a host of other services and products to its customers.

Every pharmacy will stock a number of health essentials for sale. This will include pain killers, indigestion tablets, cough medicines and any other over-the-counter medicines you would except from a pharmacy. There will also be items such as skincare, nappies and toiletries.

For health checks, you can get your blood pressure, BMI and blood glucose all checked on location. Employees can also give advice on weight management, blood sugar management and how to lower your cholesterol. All of which are essential to keeping your heart healthy.

One of the most popular services offered by these pharmacies is their NHS minor ailments clinic. This means they can offer advice on conditions such as eczema, sore throats and hay fever without the need to make an appointment with your doctor.

The company will also be launching an ‘online doctor’ service in the near future.

A Brief History

The Day Lewis Pharmacy group was founded by brothers JC Patel and Kirit Patel MBE back in 1975 and has evolved greatly from that one little English store, with the company now operating hundreds of branches across the UK.

The pharmacy started out as a simply shop offering pharmacy dispensary. Since then the company has transformed itself into a pioneering business that not only offers the dispensing of prescriptions, but now offers its very own healthcare provisions.

The company is currently working on operating its own online doctor service, which will allow customers to receive prescriptions for certain ailments online.

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