Rowlands Pharmacy

Rowlands Pharmacy

Rowlands Pharmacy is the longest established community pharmacy chain in the UK, with more than 500 branches across the UK. With fully trained and qualified pharmacists in every branch, this pharmaceutical store is the perfect place to get health information and advice, also to obtain prescription and over-the-counter medications. In branch, you will find, as well as medications, first aid equipment, toiletry items, cosmetics, footcare items, gifts, haircare and accessories, dental products and even, in some cases, pet medications. This pharmacy brand is part of the Phoenix Group – an international healthcare organisation which operates in around 30 countries in Europe.  Rowlands Pharmacy also have contracts to supply medication to many healthcare organisations across the UK.

Rowlands Pharmacy Opening times & store locations

There are over 500 different Rowlands Pharmacy locations across England, Scotland and Wales. With convenient locations close to doctors’ surgeries and health centres, the Rowlands Pharmacy opening times will vary by branch depending on the needs of the local community and the individual management teams. Rowlands Pharmacy opening times are often open in line with the operating hours of local surgeries, with some branches closing for lunch. Most branches are closed on Sundays, and many close at lunchtime on a Saturday. When it comes to Rowlands Pharmacy opening times on bank holidays and public holidays such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday, most pharmacies remain closed although some may be open depending on need.  Some branches also offer “click and collect” options on prescriptions or delivery facilities. Find Rowlands Pharmacy opening times at a location near you by using the store locator.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Rowlands Pharmacy

  1. This brand is part of the Phoenix Group, a European healthcare brand with a strong heritage and a huge network of locations across almost 30 countries.
  2. The brand’s national charity partner is the NSPCC, and since 2006 it has raised over £500,000 for this cause. It also works with a number of other charities to raise funds.
  3. The brand runs ‘well-being at work’ events at workplaces across the country to help improve employee mental and physical health.
  4. In-store services include vaccination services, asthma services and a stop smoking clinic, where they have introduced designated privacy booths for consultations with the pharmacist and other staff.
  5. This brand is the longest established UK community pharmacy chain having been a high street presence for more than two decades which has helped establish such a strong foothold in the market.

Products & Services

Rowlands Pharmacy offers a full range of pharmacy services to communities across the UK. As well as selling over the counter medicines to customers, each branch has a fully qualified pharmacist on-site to dispense prescriptions and to facilitate one-to-one consultations with patients - a range of privacy booths have been installed in many locations so that these can take place in private. There are also other services available on site including a stop smoking clinic, asthma clinics, travel clinics and vaccinations for flu, meningitis and pneumonia. Customers can also get a blood pressure check, a new medication review and can receive basic healthcare advice on a range of subjects. Rowlands Pharmacy can also fill repeat prescriptions at its physical stores although it no longer does so through its online service.

A Brief History

Rowlands Pharmacy is part of the Phoenix Group, a healthcare company which operates across nearly 39 European countries. The Phoenix Group was first established in 1994 by Adolf Merckle. Its UK arm, Phoenix Medical Supplies Ltd, which runs this pharmacy brand, was first founded in 1998 with its head office in Cheshire. Originally introduced into the UK as a competitor to the existing AAH/Lloyds Unichem/Moss brands, Rowlands started life in the country with just 70 different locations.

Over the years, the company grew and acquired the Numark brand in 2004.  Numark was a market leading independent pharmacy brand. It is currently one of the UK’s top 5 companies to operate in the UK pharmaceutical retail pharmacy market. Today, the brand has more than 500 community pharmacies across the UK offering an outstanding level of service to patients the length and breadth of the country. Not only does the brand sell pharmaceutical products but also offers a wide range of other community healthcare services such as vaccinations and stop smoking clinics to help keep local people in good health.

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