Tesco is a British multinational corporation that retails in groceries and general merchandise and has numerous supermarkets throughout the United Kingdom. It is the market leader in groceries in the UK and also has establishments in several countries worldwide. Some of their most popular picks among shoppers include fruit, vegetables, snack, drinks, alcoholic beverages, frozen food, convenience meals and many other everyday items that fill our cupboards, fridges and freezers. They also sell electrical goods and some clothing items.

The establishment continues to grow rapidly on a global scale and has over 470,000 employees operating in over 6,500 shops.

Tesco Opening Times & Store Locations

Tesco have opened shops of varying sizes to suit the requirements of different localities. Tesco Extra shops are the largest of the company’s shop formats and usually stock all of the establishment’s available products. The largest Tesco Extra is in Walkden, Salford. These branches typically have opening times of 24/7, though this can vary depending on store locations and will be modified on Sunday owing to trading regulations.

Tesco Superstores are the standard supermarkets, usually offering groceries and a small range of non-food items. A lot of these branches also have in-shop cafés and restaurants. The general Tesco opening times of their superstores differ as per your location, but they are generally open from either 6am to midnight, or 7am to 11pm.

Tesco Express shops are smaller stores of around 200 square metres that act as neighbourhood convenience outlets. These shops have a focus on selling high-end products and generally only stock food items. Tesco Express opening times are generally from 7am to 11pm but, as with their other brands, this can fluctuate depending on your location.

Tesco opening times across all branches may change on bank holidays, Easter Monday, Good Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. To find the opening times of Tesco branches in your ares, scoot over to oepnign-times.co.uk and use their branch lcoator tool to get faultless opening times information for Tesco.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tesco

As the largest grocery retailer in the United Kingdom and one of leading corporations worldwide, Tesco is a household name that almost everybody will have been customer of at some point in their lives. Yet, here are 5 things you didn’t know about Tesco.

  1. The company headquarters are located in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
  2. In terms of gross revenues, it is the third largest retailer in the world
  3. The name Tesco comes from a shipment of tea that founder Jack Cohen purchased in 1924. The tea shipment was called T.E. Stockwell, and Cohen combined the initials of this with the first two letters of his surname
  4. The first shop was opened in Barnet, in 1931
  5. The company pulled its operations out of the USA in 2013 after an unsuccessful venture into the US market

Products & Services

Although originally a UK grocery retailer, the establishment has since diversified into various marketplaces and has institutions in the following areas:

  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Financial services
  • Telecoms
  • Petrol
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Software
  • Internet services

The grocery market still remains the company’s main aspect of business and they provide goods in fresh food, frozen food, household items, pet products, baby products, bakery, dried food, and health and beauty.

The company was long focused on high-volume, low-cost purchases to appeal to a specific audience, but has since shifted its position to target all social groups. They offer product ranges scaling from “Tesco Value”, which is a cheap range with minimal advertising, to “Tesco Finest”, which provides luxury items at a higher cost.   Tesco have a customer loyalty ‘ClubCard’ which gives savings on every purchase. These are in the forms of vouchers that can be spent in Tesco, or sometimes for activities and experiences for other companies. Tesco also have a ‘Christmas Club’ scheme whereby the vouchers can be saved until November/December and then used all at once on a larger shopping visit.

A Brief History

Tesco was initially set up by Jack Cohen in 1919 and has grown from a small group of market stalls in Hackney, London, to become the one the largest retailers in the world, with shops in over 10 different countries. The business expanded rapidly since the 1931 opening of the first shop in Burnt Oak, Barnet, and had grown to over 100 branches by 8 years later, in 1939. The 1950s and 1960s saw a steady growth to the company and through numerous acquisitions they grew in scale to more than 800 shops. Founder Jack Cohen’s motto was “pile it high and sell it cheap”, however he also had a separate motivational motto for his sales force of “YCDBSOYA”, an acronym for “you can’t do business sitting on your arse”.

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