Harvester is a popular and successful chain of farmhouse-style restaurants that are aimed at providing delicious food and drink for the whole family. Its restaurants have been dishing up freshly prepared and cooked meals since 1983 and there are over 200 restaurants and pubs up and down the country. The friendly, warm and relaxed atmosphere, and their unlimited salad bar, grill options and unlimited coffee are some of the biggest draws to Harvester establishments. Harvester is a casual dining location specializing in grill-style food. Known primarily for its chicken dishes, this restaurant also serves up steaks, burgers, healthy options, pub classics, vegetarian and vegan foods, tapas style small dishes and desserts. There is also an unlimited self-serve salad bar, an extensive drinks range including refillable sodas and alcoholic beverages. There are often promotional offers including an early bird menu.

Harvester Opening Times and Locations

Glasgow and Birmingham are the locations with the most Harvester eateries outside of London. Anyone living outside of those cities though will still find one easily, as they are open in more than 130 different locations. Harvesters come in various shapes and sizes, but the one thing that stays very uniform is the signage featuring the name and the picture of wheat stalks. Harvester opening times are  Monday through to Sunday, from 9am in the morning to 11pm at night. However, there will be differences in Harvester opening times depending on the regional regulations of restaurant locations and on bank holidays, Easter Monday, Good Friday etc. It is always recommended that you check the Harvester opening times for your local branch and availability of seats before making concrete plans on these occasions.You can check the Harvester opening times and book a table at your local restaurant online.

5 Interesting Facts about Harvester

Given that the chain of restaurants have been serving the nation since 1983, most people will know something about Harvester. Whether you have been to one of their dining establishments or not, there are still some interesting things you may not know. That is why we wanted to share with you the five interesting facts about Harvester that we weren't even aware of before looking into the company deeper. Maybe they will help you win ‘The Chase’ or win an argument with your friends.

The fun and interesting facts we have decided to highlight about Harvester are:

  1. Harvester only use 100% British Beef in their burgers.
  2. Their delicious Rotisserie Chicken is sourced from 78 English and Welsh farms, so you know it is not imported from overseas.
  3. They have won the ‘Tommy's Award’ for Favourite Family Restaurant four times, between 2013 and 2016.
  4. Free Wi-Fi is available at each of their eateries.
  5. Bottles of tasty Harvester sauce are available to buy.

Menu Options and Food

Although Harvester restaurants are famous for their Rotisserie Chicken and other farmhouse-style classic dishes, there is actually a wide variety of different food available at modern establishments. As well as the Lunch and Evening menus, there is also a full Breakfast Menu and you can even order food to takeaway. Some mainstay popular items include tapas-style starters, ribs, steaks, burgers and many vegetarian, fish and even vegan options. Children are also taken care of with a full array of different items on the Kids Menu. Any patrons who still have space in their bellies can enjoy something sweet and decadent from the Harvester Dessert Menu.

As is the case with many other chains like Harvester, they have a range of alternative menus in celebration of special occasions and holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. So, for anyone looking for a freshly prepared and cooked meal, Harvester is a great option. Even for those that do not have time to stop and sit in the comfortable surroundings of their eateries, there is the option to order takeaway.

A Brief History of Harvester

Harvester restaurants was first founded in 1983 by Courage Brewery with the aim of bringing freshly prepared and delicious food to a family-oriented atmosphere. Morden was the location of their first outlet and over the years they have added another 219 restaurants. In 1995 on July 21st, the company Bass bought up 78 Harvester restaurants for a total of £165M. As the majority of establishments were located in the south-east, Bass planned to rebrand other pub restaurants as Harvesters, but it divested its brewing division by 2000 and therefore the chain was running by a renamed company - Six Continents - from 2003.

Mitchell & Butlers took over the chain of Harvester restaurants in 2003 and at the time there were a total of 127 restaurants. By 2012 the number had ballooned to 200.


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