Doddle is a parcel service delivery and returns service. The company have teamed up with numerous brands and stores to allow across the UK to allow for parcels to be delivered to one of their concessions. Here they will be signed for and collected by a real person. This can be particularly useful for people who don’t want their parcels to be left outdoors where they could be stolen or for students where retailers don’t like delivering to student halls.

You can also bring your returns to these Doddle locations, which is often far more convenient than returning them by post.

Hours and Locations

Doddle have over 250 locations across the UK, meaning that most people have a branch near them where they can pick up their packages. The main exception to this is Northern Ireland where there are no Doddles and Scotland where there are only a few select locations on the central belt, but none in the Highlands or nearer the borders.

The stand-alone stores are incredibly hard to miss due to the purple branding. This bright purple colour is implemented all through their branding and shop décor, with only the company’s logo -which is white – straying from the purple theme.

As well as their stand-alone stores, Doddle also have many kiosks in the likes of Morrisons, B&Q Debenhams and many local newsagents.

Due to these kiosks, Doddle opening times will totally depend on the shop that they are located in. So, you will need to visit the website and either use the store locator map or the ‘near me’ function to get a list of the Doddle opening times at different locations that offer pick up points and see what one suits you the most.

This means at holidays, like Christmas or New Year’s Day, Doddle opening times will vary. It will depend on the shop in question if you can collect your packages. Retailers like Debenhams and Morrisons will not open on Christmas, but may be open on New Year’s Day with an early close time.

Newsagents are totally independent, with some establishments choosing to open 365 days a year. Just remember, although you might be able to collect on Christmas Day, your package may not have arrived due to limited postal services.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Doddle

Learning about this purple retailer is a Doddle with these facts:

  1. Doddle used to have more stand-alone shops, but closed many of these in favour of having kiosks in other stores like Morrisons.
  2. Doddle has relationship with over 50 retailers in the UK to allow people to click and collect their shopping at a convenient location.
  3. The click and collect service that Doddle offers is particularly popular at Christmas when deliveries tend to cause people stress when they can’t be in to sign for them and deliveries being delayed due to increased demand.
  4. Click and collect kiosks in shops actually help increase their sales. For instance, if you plan to pick up a parcel from Morrisons, you are likely to do some food shopping while you’re there.
  5. Doddle is also popular with offices, as employees can nip out and collect deliveries at a convenient time rather than letting a reception get clogged up with parcels, or having to leave a meeting to sign for a letter.

Products and Services

By teaming up with some of the biggest retailers in the UK, Doddle have made it possible for people to have their shopping delivered to a safe place so that they can them pick them up at a time that suits them. Meaning, you’ll never again have to worry about staying home from work to wait on a parcel being delivered.

These partnerships include: ASOS, Amazon, MissGuided, Top Shop, New Look, Next and M&S.

Returns are simple with Doddle too, you can either start a returns process with them using their DoddleBot on Facebook or simply use a self-service return kiosk at one of the Doddle locations. The item will be returned for you, and you’ll get your refund.

A Brief History

Doddle was the brainchild of Tim Robinson; however, it was Travelex founder Lloyd Dorfman and Network Rail that actually launched the project. Network Rail pulled out of the company back in 2015, when the company wasn’t being as successful as it had anticipated. Dorfman now owns a 90 percent stake in the business.

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