Coast is a fashion retailer providing a range of women’s clothes and accessories. They stock casual clothes such as dresses, jeans and tops but also stock more formal garments perfect for weddings. Their range of clothes is complemented by a selection of accessories, including bags, jewellery, scarves, shoes, wraps and much more - they are aimed quite squarely at being a one-stop-shop for the full outfit needs of their customers. Coast has more than 100 stores in the UK but also sell their products through other well-known British outlets such as Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser. They also operate internationally outside of Europe.

Coast Opening Times And Store Locations

The business runs many establishments in the UK. They have more than 100 stores which are situated on high streets and in shopping centres of major towns and cities. They can be found in more than 80 locations which means their stores are accessible to a large portion of the UK’s population. Some locations host more than one of their outlets, especially the larger cities and towns with a larger market of customers. The cities with the most stores in one place are London, Bristol and Leeds. Spotting their stores is easy because their storefronts spell the company name out clearly as part of their logo. The logo has black text on a white background.

For the most part, Coast opening times are very similar and most of their establishments work from the same schedule. From Monday to Saturday, many of their branches have the same opening times between 9am and 6pm. On Sundays, many stores are open between 11am and 5pm. Some branches in busier locations, or those in shopping centres that cater for late night shopping, may have different opening times. To check the Coast opening times of a specific branch near you, you can use a tool on to obtain these openign hours or the opening times of any of their branches. This is especially advised on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays. Coast opening times may change significantly on these days so it is always best to use out branch locator to find accurate Coast store opening times on these days.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Coast

Coast have become a familiar sight in the UK’s shopping centres but there are many different aspects of the business that many people, including their most loyal customers, will not be aware of. Some of these interesting facts include:

  1. They sell through other well-known UK stores which increases their market visibility
  2. They have stores in the UAE and Kuwait as well as other locations around the world
  3. They were established in 1996
  4. Karen Millen has bought part of the company
  5. They offer outfit inspiration on their online blog which allows people to understand the items they sell alongside how they can be worn to best effect

Products And Services

Coast products can be separated by category or by collection. They offer many different types of clothes such as jeans, tops, knitwear and much more. Their collections give a better idea of their extensive range. They stock clothes to fit different occasions such as evening wear, graduation, party, prom, everyday outfits and professional attire. They also have a special wedding department which does not stock wedding dresses but does stock clothes for bridesmaids, mothers of the bride or groom, and general wedding guest outfits. All of their outfits and items can be enhanced by their range of accessories. These include bags, scarves, jewellery and shoes. Products can be bought in store or can be purchased online via their official website to be delivered to home addresses.

A Brief History

Coast was established in 1996. They were owned by Auroa Fashions who were actually owned themselves by an Icelandic bank by the name of Kaupthing Bank. Other famous brands such as Warehouse and Oasis are also owned by the same group. They have downsized recently and have started selling via other successful stores. In October of 2018, the store was partially bought by a similar retailer of women's fashion clothing, Karen Miller. Coast have come through a difficult period to remain a successful retailer of fashionable clothing in the UK.

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