BrightHouse is one of the leading ‘rent to own’ providers in the UK today. This means that people who cannot afford to outright purchase an item – such as household goods or technology – can instead rent that item from BrightHouse until they pay it off. These payments are set at an affordable price for consumers and can be paid either weekly or monthly over a period of one to three years. The product range is extremely extensive encompassing furniture, home appliances, electricals, toys, and video game consoles.

The store is particularly popular with people who have been refused credit elsewhere or who do not have enough to place a large deposit on an item.

BrightHouse Opening Times and Locations

BrightHouse has over 270 establishments across the UK, and you’d be hard pushed to miss this retailer on the high street. Like its name suggests, BrightHouse have opted for intensely bright marketing, using oranges and red on both their logo – which is their name – and for their store décor.

Generally, all stores operate under the same BrightHouse opening times, with branches opening at 9am and closing at 5.30pm. The store is closed every Sunday.

Like most retailers, BrightHouse opening times will vary on public holidays. Branches will close on Christmas day and some may close on New Year’s Day, but will be open on other holidays such as Easter. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve operate the same BrightHouse opening times, but may close earlier at the store’s discretion. In these cases, use the store locator or ‘near me’ function on their website to find out your nearest branch of BrightHouse opening times.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About BrightHouse

Despite operating for over 20 years, this a company that likes to keep themselves fairly quiet in the media. Despite their retail shyness, though, here are five facts about the UK’s most popular rent-to-buy company:

  1. BrightHouse offers money to those who refer a friend to them. If you’re friend takes out an agreement, then you will both receive a discount.
  2. People’s situations can change, and this is something BrightHouse understands. In most cases, if you can no longer afford repayments, you can simply return the item with no further payments on your part.
  3. BrightHouse branches were originally known Crazy George back in 1994. The BrightHouse rebrand occurred in 2002.
  4. As well as offering exclusive goods on location, the company also sell their products online, so even if stores are closed, you can still purchase online.
  5. In 2010, the company began a partnership with the NSPCC. Colleagues at all the store locations across the UK host fundraising events to raise money for the charity, whose aim is to end cruelty to children.  

Products and Services

BrightHouse stores offer their customers a wide-range of products, these include brand-new items and a selection of secondhand items, which have been refurbished to look like new.

The company’s main custom revolves around technology. This includes items such as televisions, mobile phones and gaming consoles. These tend to be the latest releases from top brands such as: Sony, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Razer. If a mobile phone model has been released to other high street stores, BrightHouse are likely to be selling it too. These items are normally eligible for priority delivery, meaning you could get your item as soon as the next working day.

Also popular, the company sell a large number of household appliances such as ovens, fridges and washing machines. This allows for people to replace essential items in their homes in an emergency. For items that require installation – such as a washing machine – your delivery and installation charges can be added to your credit agreement.

As well as household appliances, the store offers various other household goods. Items such as sofas, tables, beds and mattresses are all available to purchase online and in store.

A Brief History

BrightHouse began its journey in April 1994 as Crazy George, when it was developed and set up as a sister company to Radio Rentals, a company that rented electrical equipment such as radios and VCR recorders out to people in the UK. This first store was opened in England in the West Midlands area.

The first Scottish store was opened in 1996 within East Kilbride, while the first Welsh store didn’t open until 2003 in Cardiff.

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