Dunelm is a retailers in the UK. They sell home furniture and items such as curtains, bedding, beds, lighting, kitchen appliances and much more. In many of their retail outlets, you can find small cafes that sell coffee and snacks. They have more than 170 stores spread across the UK. Some people may know them from their previous name, Dunelm Mill.

The extensive product range encompasses bed linen, soft furnishings, home accessories, kitchen items, furniture, seasonal items, lighting products, rugs, haberdashery, fabrics and decorative items. Many branches also have an in-store cafe for customers to take time out from their busy day. There is also a click and collect service in branch.

Not only can customers shop in store, they can also shop from the entire Dunelm product range online. Customers can choose from home delivery or to collect their products in their local branch, often within just a few hours.

Dunelm Opening Times And Store Locations

Their 170-plus stores can be found in the shopping centres and high streets of major UK towns and cities. The company has distributed their branches rather evenly as they operate from over 150 locations. This means more UK residents have easy access to a number of their establishments. Some residents do have the luxury of living in close proximity to more than one store. Residents of London and Sheffield have the most stores in their local area. Spotting a branch is not very difficult thanks to the company’s distinctive branding. They use a bright green text on their logo to spell out the store’s name. The use of the colour green does extend to some storefronts while others remain a more neutral white.

To find the Dunelm opening times of one of their branches, there is a free and easy tool on opening-times.co.uk. This tool accounts for all their branches and especially those that have different schedules due to reasons such as late-night shopping events. However, most branches do have the same opening times. They are open from 9am until 8pm on most weekdays. On weekends, the Dunelm opening times do change considerably. Dunelm opening times are between the hours of 9am and 6pm on Saturdays and between 10.30am and 4.30pm on Sundays. It is highly recommended to still consult opening-times.co.uk to avoid disappointment. This is especially true when visits are close to specific times of the year when Dunlem opening hours could change considerably – examples include New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Dunelm

Dunelm may be an established retailer in the UK and have sold their products to a large portion of the UK’s population – but there are many things about the company that remain unknown. Here are five things about Dunelm that often go under the radar:

  • The company started from a single market stall
  • Their stores house a chain of Pausa coffee shops
  • They employ over 6000 UK residents
  • Their headquarters are in Leicestershire
  • They have been operating for more than 35 years

Products And Services

Dunelm’s products cater to properties and therefore offer a large number of products and accessories. They sell furniture to cater for dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and more. The rest of their range includes curtains, lights, bedding and beds, kitchen and bathroom appliances, and even outdoor furniture such as sheds. Some of their most popular products are rugs, nursery items and blinds. These items can be bought by visiting a store or visiting their official website. Customers can use their online store to request home deliveries.

A Brief History

Bill and Jeany Adderley started selling their homemade textiles on a market store back in 1979. This Leicester-based market store developed into a high street store within five years. Bill’s son took over from the business and continued with its impressive expansion. After opening their 50th store in 2001, the company simultaneously opened their second warehouse. This catapulted the company to grow faster than they had before with a series of new stores being opened. The company has recently purchased Kiddicare and Worldstores to expand their business further. To date, they continue to provide homeware and appliances to many UK residents.

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