Brewers Fayre

Brewers Fayre

Brewers Fayre is a family-oriented restaurant chain located all over the United Kingdom that serves up a range of pub-style food alongside while providing entertainment for children and adults alike. Starters, mains, lunches, breakfasts, grills and desserts are just some of the categories of food on offer at a Brewers Fayre and any family looking for a nice meal out somewhere will struggle to find better than what is on offer here! Specifically, diners can enjoy traditional British food such as fish and chips, pie and peas, scampi - or enjoy some of our adopted classics such as curries and chillies. All of these dishes can be accompanied by an extensive selection of soft drink or alcoholic beverages. Frequent diners can sign up to the Brewers Fayre Club and get discounts off future mains and deserts.

Brewers Fayre Opening Times And Restaurant Locations

With more than 150 Brewers Fayre establishments in the UK, it would be a safe bet to assume that many people are never too far away from one. Major cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow will benefit with the most branches but you will also find them in more rural towns and villages as well as close to motorways next to Premier Inns so that those driving long distances can have a drink and sleep before starting again the next morning. Brewers Fayre uses a distinctive circular red logo with their name on it and they also use the slogan “Pub Food as it should be”.

Brewers Fayre opening times are mostly the same but there may be one or two discrepancies. Most Brewers Fayre restaurants will open their doors at 12 PM seven days a week to be just in time for lunch and while they will close at 11 PM between Monday and Saturday, they do close a little earlier at 10.30 PM on Sundays. If you are planning to visit one of their establishments over Christmas or Easter, it should be noted that Brewers Fayre opening times are likely to differ from the norm. Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Easter Monday and Good Friday will all probably see changes to the standard Brewers Fayre opening times due to local regulations. Bank holidays are also liable to change as well with regards to opening hours. To avoid disappointment before heading out to one of their restaurants, you can consult the exact Brewers Fayre opening times near you with our branch locator tool. It is free and easy to use and much better than staring at a closed sign with a grumbling stomach.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Brewers Fayre

Here are some small facts about Brewers Fayre that we bet many did not know about previously:

  1. The vast majority of Brewers Fayre restaurants will have some sort of children's area such as a PlayZone or Fun Factory for children to enjoy
  2. Dennis the Menace from the Beano comic is the current mascot for Brewers Fayre but up until 2007, the mascot was Charlie Chalk
  3. Brewers Fayre is owned by the Whitbread group of companies which also owns the Beefeater, Costa Coffee and Premier Inn chains
  4. 1979 was the founding year of the first Brewers Faye pub and this was called The Farmers Arms
  5. Brewers Fayre runs a bonus club loyalty scheme that awards up to 5p from every pound spent

Products and Services

Renowned for selling glorious pub-style food, the Brewers Fayre chain of restaurants really does have an extensive range of meal options. You can enjoy cooked breakfasts, a Sunday carvery, quick and easy lunch menus, American favourites such as burgers and fries, traditional British meals such as fish and chips and even international specialities. There really is something for everyone and as for the kids, they get to choose from a tailored kids menu as well as having the ability to enjoy themselves in a kids playing area.

With the dining experiences aimed at families, the Brewers Fayre makes for an excellent choice for a cheap yet tasty meal whenever the fancy takes hold. Regular promotions such as kids eating for free or unlimited breakfasts add to that value while the opportunity to have a beer or two while the children have some fun in the specially constructed play areas is always going to be seen as a positive for parents.

A Brief History

Founded and launched in 1979 at The Brewers Arms, it did not take long for this family-orientated meal-out model to take hold. Within just 16-years there were more than 280 outlets all over the United Kingdom. This number has both increased and then decreased over the years but the experience has always been the same for the many families that have visited a Brewers Fayre.

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