JD Wetherspoon

JD Wetherspoon is a well-known and popular pub, restaurant and hotel chain in the UK and Republic of Ireland. They sell a range of alcoholic beverages including beers, wines and ciders as well as many soft drinks. Their food menu also offers a variety of meals to suit different tastes. Some of their establishments also offer accommodation services. There are over 900 Wetherspoon outlets but some of these go by different names. Many of them operate under the name Lloyds No. 1 but others operate under other names. They have a reputation for expanding their business into unconventional premises and transforming them into the Wetherspoon mould. Many people shorten the already-shortened company name to just “Spoon’s”.

Wetherspoons open early to serve breakfast but their licencing also means that they can serve alcohol at this time of the morning, leading to criticism of this part of their business model.  They encourage a “family” concept by having designated food nights and offer pensioner deals, family deals and others that relate to events at the time, such as the World Cup. Their prices are generally lower than other venues as they buy in bulk and can negotiate discounts with retailers.  This leads to drinks promotions running almost continually in their venues.

Wetherspoon Opening Times And Store Locations

Their many locations are spread throughout the UK and Ireland. You can find one of their establishments in most towns and you will usually find many of their pubs in any major cities. Spotting a Wetherspoons from the outside can be hard because they do not have one standard pub front. In fact, their establishments often run under other more pub-like names. However, they do offer their food and drinks from the more streamlined Lloyds No. 1 bars as well. Their logo is very simplistic as it is their company name written in soft white lettering on a black background.

The opening times of Wetherspoon each of their premises can vary. There is no set time in which all their Wetherspoon locations open and close. However, their meal serving times are more standardised. You can generally find the restaurant/bar opening hours for Wetherspoons in the morning at around 8am. Their breakfast menu will remain available from opening to noon and the full menu is available all day. As they also function as a bar after food serving times, some places are open until 11pm or later where they have a licence. They remain open seven days per week and many of their pubs are open on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and other bank holidays. In the lead up to and on Christmas day, they serve a festive menu.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Wetherspoons

Their pubs may be found in many UK locations but there are some more hidden facts about Wetherspoons that are not often known.

  1. They are over 35 years old
  2. The full name is partially influenced by a Dukes of Hazard character
  3. The other part of the brand is named after the owner’s former teacher
  4. They introduced an oversized pint glass which was later removed
  5. In 2018, they deleted all social media

Products And Services

Their pubs serve a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This includes a variety of well-known and popular craft beers, cocktails, pitchers, wines and ciders. They also serve breakfasts, lunches and evening meals. Wetherspoon run themed nights where customers can get curries, burgers, fish, and other meals for better value on certain nights of the week. Some other items on their menu include pizzas, steaks, full-English breakfasts, bangers and mash, and delicious dessert options. They also have a children's menu.

As well as their pubs, Wetherspoon also run a range of hotels. They have over 50 hotels which are located either above one of their established pubs or in close proximity to one. Some locations will also let customers hire out function rooms for birthdays or more formal events. Many of the Wetherspoon hotels offer this service.

A Brief History

The company was founded by Tim Martin in 1979. He opened the first Wetherspoon pub in north London. The chain was named after Mr. Martin’s school teacher back in New Zealand who could not control the class because Mr. Martin believed that he himself could not control a pub. The pub invented the “full pint” glass and started offering customers the chance of getting oversized drinks. However, this initiative ceased shortly after it began. Mr. Martin is a champion of Brexit and has already replaced European-produced champagne with British and Australian wines.

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