Wallis is a fashion retailer specialising in quality women’s garments and accessories. They sell a range of items aimed primarily at women aged 30 plus. Their range includes tops, formal wear, trousers, dresses, knitwear, professional wear, jeans, jumpsuits, skirts, accessories and footwear. They also run a petite range of clothing and a plus-sized range to cater for smaller and bigger women. They operate more than 270 stores across major towns and cities in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Successful growth in the UK has seen the fashion retailer emerge in other countries in Europe and some countries further afield such as South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Wallis Opening Hours And Store Locations

The extensive number of Wallis establishments are dispersed over the UK in more than 190 cities. This also means that residents of certain locations have the option to shop at multiple Wallis stores. The top three cities with the most outlets in one place are London, Glasgow and Manchester. Finding a store in these locations and any of their other locations is easy. The company branding is noticeable due to the simplicity of the logo which is featured on all their storefronts. The logo simply states the company name in black stylish text on a white background, which is repeated in all of their clothing lines - the labels in all their ranges and lines carry this branding.

Wallis opening times are longer than many other fashion retailers and are also open seven days per week. On weekdays, customers can shop at their stores between the hours of 9am and 8pm. On Saturdays, Wallis opening times are mostly between 9am and 6pm while Sundays have fewer business hours by remaining open between 10.30am and 5pm. Naturally, each store’s opening times may differ depending on its location. Some stores in busy areas and shopping centres may have different hours. Wallis opening times can also change, or their stores may be closed, on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays. It is advisable to consult the opening time of a particular Wallis store before visiting. You can check out the Wallis opening times of your local branch online.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Wallis

Wallis has become part of the high street furniture for frequent shoppers in the UK and Ireland. Despite their popularity and status as a household retailer name, there are still many things about the company that people are unaware of. These include:

  1. A strong partnership with Cancer Research UK has been developed allowing CRUK to advertise in Wallis stores.
  2. Wallis produce a range of clothing solely to support the CRUK fundraising.  All profits go directly to this.
  3. They have a petite range and a larger range to accommodate as many customers as possible.
  4. They operate in over 30 countries
  5. Formed over 90 years ago, they have expanded consistently to almost 300 locations.

Products And Services

Wallis stock a range of female clothing for different seasons and occasions. They sell garments suitable for work and clothing for everyday life. This includes skirts, jeans, dresses, knitwear, jumpsuits, tops and much more. They also sell accessories like wraps, scarves and hats. They have a small jewellery department where customers can browse bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Some of their jewellery has been designed by celebrities and the profits of some pieces go towards charitable causes. Their range is suitable for women of different sizes because they run petite and plus-sized ranges. Products can be bought in-store or online to be delivered. Their official website runs a fashion blog to discuss the latest trends and provide relevant information.

A Brief History

Wallis is an older company than most people realise. The company was formed by Rachael Nat Wallis in 1923. The first store was created in Islington and primarily sold coats and dresses. Within 20 years, the company had expanded and owned 25 stores. The business stayed in the family and started partnering with high-end labels in Paris and was given permission to copy some of their designs. By 1976, the brand had become a private limited company and traded globally. The company has been now been bought by the Arcadia Group.

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