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WHSmith, sometimes shortened to ‘Smiths’, is a chain of stores originating from Britain. They offer their customers a wide selection of items. Although WHSmith is primarily known as a bookstore, they also sell stationery, greetings cards, toys, games, children’s items, magazines and even snack items. They sell a range of books in genres from science fiction to cooking books and everything in between. The store has a strong presence on the UK high street, as well as securing top locations within shopping centres. They offer the British and international public the chance to buy their products at over 1000 WHSmith stores. In fact, WHSmith run their operations from both sides of the globe in the UK and Australia.

WHSmith Opening Times And Store Locations

Smith’s 1000-plus stores are located throughout all areas of the UK. You will find them in most high streets in any major UK city or town. Most of their outlets are located in the UK, but as mentioned, they do run some stores overseas. Their overseas presence is due to one particular type of store they run – WHSmith Travel.

They have more than 250 international locations through their travel-orientated branches. These stores also sell books and stationery to keep frequent flyers entertained on domestic and long-haul flights, but they also sell travel necessities as well. This includes items such as plug adaptors, sun cream, sweets for the plane and more. Naturally, these stores are found at transport hubs in the UK and abroad, including airports, railway stations and bus stations. Their overseas locations are in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Recognising a store is easy because of the colourful logo which has remained more or less constant since its inception. They have a simple logo comprising of a blue background and white lettering. The storefront will show the full company name, but it may also be shorted on signs to "WHS" bearing the same aesthetics.

WHSmith opening times can change drastically and will depend on the store's particular location. Branches of WHSmith opening times could be as early as 7.30am whereas other will not be accessible until 9am. Similarly, their closing times can differ and range from anywhere between 5pm and 11pm. WHSmith Travel opening times will usually correspond to the opening times of the transport hub they are located in or have extended opening hours in comparison with high street locations.

Some stores will remain open seven days per week while others will close on Sundays. It again depends on the store’s location. WH Smith opening times may change on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and other bank holidays. Yet again, these changes will depend on the country the store is located in. Find the opening times of a WHSmith store near you today using the store locator.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About WHSmith

WHSmith are not an open book to everybody. Here are five interesting things that may not be known about the company:

  1. The business began as a news vendor outlet in London
  2. The company was formed in 1792
  3. They even founded a television channel
  4. It is over 225 years old!
  5. They have bought out many other retailers during their existence

Products And Services

Their main categories of products include books, eBooks, magazines, craft essential, stationery, toys and games, electronics and even some items of furniture. Their books are one of their biggest streams of revenue and sell an extensive amount in an exhaustive number of genres. The same applies to their selection of magazines and eBooks. Their popular selection of stationery is complemented by office-type supplies such as hard drives, printers and accessories. They also sell computer games and family board games from the classics to the more modern games, keeping up with larger toy retailers.

A Brief History

As stated, WHSmith was formed as a newsvendor in London. The pair responsible for its formation were husband and wife duo, Anna and Henry Smith. After their death, their son (who also bore his father's WHS initials) took over the business. The business then continued to succeed by making the most of the railway boom and expanding with stands at railways stations. The business stayed in the family and has continued to grow and expand ever since.

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