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Topps Tiles is a British retailer that specialises in supplying customers with home solutions and building materials. Here, you’ll find a range of attractive, high quality tiles for bathrooms and kitchens made from a range of quality materials. Whilst most people generally assume that they sell only tiles, in fact their product range exceeds their namesake of the anticipated bathroom, wall and floor tiles. They also offer a selection of other products, including adhesives, grout, natural stone, tools and underfloor heating systems - focused on the wider picture of tiling and associated building needs. They have more than 350 stores across the UK and have even begun opening a new chain of boutique-style stores in certain locations. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Topps Tiles Opening Times And Store Locations

Their 340-plus Topps Tiles stores are situated in over 270 UK towns and cities. This means some of the bigger and more populated cities have access to more than one of their stores. Residents of major cities with the most outlets at their disposal are London, Glasgow and Birmingham. Identifying a Topps Tiles store is exceptionally easy due to the company's familiar branding. Storefronts usually resemble the same colours as their logo. The logo is a simple design that states the company name in white lettering and underlined with a yellow line. This is placed on a dark background.

Topps Tiles opening times are quite extensive nationwide. Branches are usually open every day of the week. Many of them are open early on weekdays from 7.30am and do not close until 6pm. Saturday Topps Tiles opening times  are reduced to 9am until 6pm and Sunday’s opening times are reduced even further. On Sundays, most stores are operational between 10am and 4pm. These hours may change at specific branches in busier locations and at different times of the year. Topps Tiles opening times may change at their establishments on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays. Some branches may be open for a limited time during these days or may be closed all day. You can find Topps Tiles opening times at a branch near you online on the store locator.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Topps Tiles

Topps Tiles have become a household name in the UK due to their widening customer base and continual growth. Despite their success, many of their customers and the general British public do not know some interesting facts about the business and how they operate. Some of these facts are:

  1. Topps Tiles were established over 60 years ago.
  2. Manchester was the first location for the first store.
  3. They have rolled out boutique stores in London and Manchester.
  4. They rebranded their slogan in 2010.
  5. They do more than sell tiles, supporting a much wider range of building-related supplies and products.

Products And Services

Topps Tiles provide many different products. Most of their products are related to tiles but they also sell other items and systems. Their wall and floor tiles can cater to many home rooms such as bathrooms, conservatories and kitchens. Tiles can be purchased in a number of colours and a wide selection of materials, including granite, limestone, marble, porcelain and much more. Some of these styles are a part of their natural stone range but they also stock a selection of mosaic tiles. Lesser known products that they sell include adhesives, grouts, tools to help remove and apply tiles and underfloor heating systems. These can be purchased in one of their stores or online. Their official website also has a number of blog posts to discuss styles, inspire designs and provide top tips and advice.

A Brief History

Topps Tiles opened their first store in 1963 when joint owners Ted Derbyshire and Alan Brindle opened a store in Manchester. They then merged their business with another chain of stores based in London which was also owned by a duo partnership. The company headquarters were based in Wilmslow but have now moved to Leicester. Subsequently, they entered into a deal to temporarily sponsor Leicester City Football Club. They continue to successfully trade within the UK today.

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