Toolstation is one of the UK and Europe’s largest providers of tools to both those who work in the trade and to avid home DIY fans. These tools and hardware essentials are available to buy online and in store, providing convivence for its customers.

One of the company’s most popular features is it’s click and collect service. Especially useful for those who work in the trade – such as joiners, plumbers and electricians – people can look up the stock level of a certain part online, if a nearby store has it in stock, it can be purchased and ready to collect in as little as 10 minutes. In a profession where time is money, a service like this really makes Toolstation very popular.

The range of tools for hire include large and small power tools, lifting tools, plant equipment, generators, construction equipment and landscaping gear.

Toolstation opening times and Locations

Toolstation first opened in 2003, since then the company has been growing incredibly fast due to its popularity. These days it has over 300 branches in the UK and various establishments across European countries such as France, Italy and Romania.

Opting for a masculine logo, Toolstation is recognisable from its bold, heavy font in red and blue. This is often lifted by a bright yellow background, which can be spotted easily from a distance. Due to the nature of the products they sell, the branches tend to be located in industrial parks and have large units.  

As Toolstation caters for both those who work in the trade – who generally work Monday to Friday – and avid home improvers – who tend to work weekends – Toolstation opening times are seven days a week. Toolstation opening times and closing times are generally the same nationwide, with branches opening at 7am Monday to Saturday and closing at 7pm.

On a Sunday the store is open 9am till 4pm. These Sunday Toolstation opening times can vary across the UK, so use the store locator on their website and click ‘near me’ to check your local store for Toolstation opening times.

Stores are closed on holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Day and reduced opening hours will operate on days like Christmas Eve.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Toolstation

For a company associated with hardcore tools and equipment, you might be surprised to hear about their softer side:

  1. Although opened as a station for those who work in the trade, the store became popular with those who like DIY, since then Toolstation have marketed to both groups.
  2. The company sponsors two football leagues, known as the Toolstation Western Football League and the Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League.
  3. The company put in policies to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in 2016. This involves ensuring all their suppliers manufacture adhere to their strict regulations on responsible employment.
  4. Toolstation has sponsored the Youthbuild UK Young Builder of the Year award every year since 2013.
  5. The company also sponsors the RNLI’s (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) Flood Rescue Team. This charity is entirely run by volunteers and helps save the lives every day.

Products and Services

Toolstation pretty much sells exactly what it says on the tin – tools!

These tools range from expensive power tools right down to a trusty hammer or screwdriver. Yet it’s not just tool sales that keep this company ticking, Toolstation sell just about every single little item you could possibly need for home improvement.

This includes: screws, sealants, ladders, cleaners, insulations, pest control, kitchens, paint and lighting. If you need something for a job, it’s highly likely that you’ll find what you’re looking for in your nearest branch.

Of course, for processionals and hobbyists alike, with such large stores and thousands of products, the idea of hunting down various aisles can be both daunting and feel like a waste of time. Which is what makes the company’s website so good.

Simply nip online and search for what you need, from there you’ll be able to see whether that item is in stock nearby. If it is, you can click and collect in as little as 10 minutes. If it’s not, the company has next day delivery on most of its products. For business, you can get it delivered straight to the store and you’ll receive a text when it arrives. For DIYers, you can get it delivered to your door.  

A Brief History

First opening for business in 2003, the idea behind the company was to offer a fast, reliable service to customers while still providing the best prices over its competitors. This proved successful and the company has gone from strength-to-strength ever since.

Now, with over 300 stores spanning the UK and Europe, the company stocks over 15,000 different products, meaning that its customers are guaranteed to find what they’re looking for fast. That, coupled with its innovative stock supply systems, means that the company will continue to grow for years to come.  

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