Three are one the UK’s largest mobile phone network and internet providers. Claiming to be able to give 3G or 4G signal to 99 percent of the UK, their network is popular both for its reliability and its reach, even in rural communities.

This award-winning company also provide mobile phone contracts with handsets from the latest big brands. They are probably most recognised, though, for their quirky television adverts featuring hybrid animals such as a sloth-dolphin and flamingo-giraffe.  There is a range of data and mobile network plans available to suit the needs of different customers, including free minutes, data and texts.

Three Opening Times and Locations

The company has over 300 branches within the UK as well as head offices located in Maidenhead, Reading and Glasgow. As well as these local branches, Three operates a busy website, here customers can access their account and apply for mobile phone contracts 365 days a year.

Stores across the UK tend be on the high streets of towns and cities, where they will receive the most footfall from people who are interested in upgrading their mobile phone or changing their network provider.

The stores themselves have a white illuminated sign, perfect for catching the eye. This is usually adorned with ‘Three’ in a simple font or the company’s logo, which is a graffiti-style number three. Each establishment is kept minimalistic, with the focus being on letting customers play with the latest in phones and tablets for themselves. This tends to tempt consumers into signing up for lengthy mobile phone contract.

The Three opening times can vary depending on where that store is located. For stand-alone shops on the high street, the Three opening times and closing times tend to be 9am until 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. On Sundays this changes to 12 to 4pm.

Branches that are located in certain shopping malls may have different Three opening times, depending on that shopping centre’s closing times. In these cases, use the Three website to locate a branch ‘near me’ and double check.

During the festive season, stores may operate longer opening times for increased sales. They will, however, be shut on Christmas but may open on New Year’s Day. They are likely to close early on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Check out our store locator tool to find the Three opening times at the branch closest to you.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Three

They might be named Three, but here are five facts about the company that you might not have known about:

  1. Three is taking steps to stop any gender pay gaps in their company. An initiative was launched in 2017 for equal pay amongst employees.
  2. The company has also signed up to a modern slavery initiative. This program aims to stop modern slavery and human trafficking by asking companies to investigate their own supply chains to ensure all products and services are created fairly.
  3. Three were the first 100 percent 3G network provider in the UK.
  4. They were also the first network to introduce a package for ‘all-you-can-eat’ data and 4G signal to its customers that wouldn’t cost them more.
  5. Half of the data used by Three customers is used to stream media – such as videos on Netflix – which shows how good their network coverage is.

Products and Services

At their heart, Three are a company that provides customers with mobile phone network and mobile internet. Over the years, though, Three have also added a number of other goods and services to their repertoire.

Most people buy their new mobile phones as part of a ‘pay monthly’ scheme and this is one of the services Three can provide for its customers. Here, people can get the latest mobile phones from the likes of Apple of Samsung, for a set monthly cost. This cost covers both the handset cost and your network charges.

Three have various network plan bundles, these will include items such as data allowance, free minutes and free texts. These are generally very customisable, allowing customers to choose a bundle that suits their needs.

As well as phone contracts, you can also buy pay-as-you go sims or pay monthly sims without the need to buy a handset.

Three also offer monthly mobile broadband bundles, these include items such as tablets and dongles. These dongles are particularly popular with students, as they plug into laptops and give internet signal to that device – perfect for studying on the go!

A Brief History

In keeping with their name, Three officially launched on 03.03.03, and they were the first UK network to offer all of its customers 3G signal. It was also the first mobile phone network to reach 80 percent coverage in the UK, in 2004. It now claims to have 99 percent coverage for its customers.

The first Three branches were opened in 2003, both in London. By 2005, the company started opening stores across the UK and now have over 300 nationwide. Three did try to purchase fellow network provider O2 in 2016, however this sale was blocked by regulators due to fair competition laws.  

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