The Range

The Range

Considered by many to be one of the fastest growing retailers in the United Kingdom, The Range sells a variety of products in the home, garden, fashion, health & beauty and baby & children categories and is renowned for giving customers a wide range of goods that are excellent quality and at some of the most competitive prices around. There line of products is extensive from garden ornament to shampoo - it really does have a lot for many people. In fact, customers can enjoy their full range of over 65,000 products at any of the 140 stores located in the United Kingdom or online at their website.

The Range Opening Times And Store Locations

Business parks and retail parks are where you will see The Range stores most commonly due to their size and it will be major cities and towns that will have the closest proximity to them in the main. London as the biggest city in the UK has the most The Range superstores and other major cities will also have their own fair share close by.

A big orange ‘R’ with a circle around it and ‘The Range’ in blue to the right of it, is the stores logo and it is one that will become etched in your mind the first time that you see it. This will ensure that on all future visits you will be able to spot The Range straight away from distance.

While there is always the chance of The Range opening times differing a little bit from store to store, in general, most will open at the same time of 9 AM and close at 8 PM from Monday through to Saturday. Sundays offer customers the ability to visit between 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM and this again may differ from branch to branch. Holiday opening times over Christmas, on Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and across Easter will certainly change and be reduced, this is simply to comply with local and national trading regulations. With over 140 stores, this is far from music to the ears of shoppers. Luckily, anyone can check The Range opening times in their local area with the branch locator on our site. No more will you have to ask Google for “opening times near me” when there is a much more accurate helper at

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Range

It has been a meteoric rise for The Range and for those interested, here are five interesting facts about the retailer and its founder:

  1. The Range can now deliver to more than 27 different countries from their online store
  2. Founder Chris Dawson started out selling goods from the back of a truck in Tavistock during the 1980’s – He is now worth more than a billion pounds
  3. The first Range superstore was opened in 1989 in Plymouth
  4. Dawson once bought £68m worth of old MFI stock for just £3m
  5. More than 11,000 people currently work for The Range

Products and Services

The Range has an extensive range of products across a wide variety of categories including that of furniture, home furnishings, household, garden, DIY, pets, leisure, stationary, arts, appliances, electrical, clothing, health & beauty and toys. All of their products are offered to customers at discount prices when compared to other leading retailers and this is a big factor in the quick rise to prominence of this retail chain.

The stock that is sold at The Range is a mix of unbranded, branded and own-branded products and all are claimed to be of great quality at a great price. Those items can also be purchased from The Range online store which is proving successful in its own right. They can deliver to anywhere in the UK and are known for having low-cost delivery charges.

A Brief History

Chris Dawson was a wheeler-dealer market tradesmen that used to buy and sell anything that he could get his hands on until he finally saved up enough money to open his first retail store. That would be in the Sugar Mill Business Park in Plymouth and at the time was called C.D.S Superstores.

After continued success in the first few years and the opening of further stores, Dawson changed the name to The Range. The founder Chris Dawson has been recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in the UK by Management Today and thanks largely to his The Range chain, is now worth upwards of £1 billion. Not bad for somebody that used to be a market trader.

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