The Original Factory Shop

The Original Factory Shop

The Original Factory Shop is a successful chain of discount department stores that can be found all over the United Kingdom. The store sells a wide range of products in the homeware, clothing, personal care and toy categories and focuses on providing these at great savings for their customers. From jeans, to aftershave to an ironing board, their range of products is extensive within the previously mentioned categories. There are currently more than 200 stores across the UK meaning that nobody will be too far away from some fantastic savings.

The Original Factory Shop Opening Times And Store Locations

The Original Factory Shop does things a little differently to other department stores by purposely opening the majority of them in smaller towns. This is to allow locals to not have to go too far in order to experience a department store and the savings that they can bring. Of course, there are still branches in major cities but the majority of their 200+ stores will be found conveniently placed for small town populations.

Their blue logo is highly original and will be easy to see and anyone planning a visit will generally be met with Factory Shop opening times between 9 AM and 6 PM during weekdays. Factory Shop opening times may differ depending on the specific stores but generally speaking, those are the times most will be open. As for the weekends, Saturdays will open at the same time but they will close at 6:30 PM and on Sundays, you will normally see an early afternoon opening of 1 PM and a closing of 6 PM.

During Christmas and other holidays, these opening times are likely to change, so if you are planning on visiting over Christmas, New Year, Easter or on bank holidays, you should check here first to see what times their stores will be open. Why here? At you can access a free rbanch checker to access Factory Shop opening times near you in any location.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Original Factory Shop

Approaching 50-years in business, The Original Factory Shop has been around for some time but still, many of you will be unaware of these five little things that you did not know about this chain of stores:

  1. The first store started out by selling soap from a factory of another of the founder's businesses
  2. Many of the goods sold at stores were originally made for other high street retailers that for whatever reason did not end up taking them
  3. The Original Factory Shop purposely aims to have most of their branches located in small towns rather than cities so that locals do not have to travel out of town to find a department store
  4. Founder Peter Black and his company Peter Black Holdings was also a leading footwear and toiletries supplier that supplied huge names such as Marks & Spencer
  5. Current owners Duke Street Capital also owns Wagamama, Gala Bingo, Equity Insurance Group and Esporta Health Clubs among many others

Products and Services

The Original Factory Shop sells a variety of lines of its own but will also sell major branded goods and cut-labels from other well-known high street chains. All products whether electrical appliances, clothing, tableware, toys or personal care will always be sold with the savings of customers in mind. Offering low-cost value at all times, this chain of department stores guarantees that new lines will be delivered each and every week to stores.

As well as selling good quality products from their stores, The Original Factory Shop also has a burgeoning online store that can be used to have products delivered directly to the homes of its customers.

A Brief History

Peter Black founded The Original Factory Shop back in 1969 and he wanted to use the business model of selling over made stock from suppliers at knock-down prices. The successful businessman already had a number of businesses and this was yet another one to go on to become a huge success. Over the years it quickly grew in popularity and further branches were opened on regularity.

With more than 200 stores across the UK, The Original Factory Shop has claimed that it wants to increase this number to as much as 500 by the end of 2020. It has to be said that if customer savings and good quality products remain at the forefront of their plans, it would be difficult arguing against them managing it.

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