The Edinburgh Woollen Mill

The Edinburgh Woollen Mill

The Edinburgh Woollen Mill provides its customers with a range of practical clothing products for men, women and children. Core products in The Edinburgh Woollen Mill range include knitwear, cashmere items, golf clothing, tweed jackets, and a range of clothing accessories, many of which have a traditional Scottish flair, Their products come from a selection of well-known and established brands such as Aran Traditions, James Pringle, Hector Russel, as well as their own branded items and many more. The company has more than 300 stores spread across the UK. However, if you take into account the companies they also own such as Peacocks and tourist-related merchandise shops, the business owner has more than 900 trading establishments.

The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Opening Times And Store Locations

Considering Edinburgh Woollen Mill opening times, they have over and above 300 stores in major UK towns and cities which open at similar hours. Fittingly, Edinburgh has the most branches whereas York and Glasgow also have a high number of their establishments for local residents to shop at. The company branding and logo make it much easier to spot a store on a high street or in a shopping precinct. They combine white and red to stand out and their logo bears these colours too. The logo is simply the company name written in white font on a red background. Next to the name is a small image of a mill.

Edinburgh Woollen Mill opening times are open between 9am and 5.30pm from Monday through to Saturday. On Sundays, many of their branches remain open - albeit with reduced business hours. On a Sunday most locations will be open between 10.30am and 4.30pm. The Edinburgh Woollen Mill opening times may change on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays but stores may also close on these days. It is always best to check the specific branch before travelling to a store. You can check The Edinburgh Woollen Mill opening times at a branch near you using the online store locator.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Edinburgh Woollen Mill

The company may have become a well-known store to most UK residents – whether they are customers or not – but even their most loyal customers may not know some interesting facts about the business. These facts include:

  1. They have been operating for over 70 years
  2. It is owned by British man Phillip Day
  3. Edinburgh Woollen Mill bought Peacocks in 2007
  4. They have a part-share in Carlisle Football Club after loaning them money
  5. The first store opened in England was in Carlisle

Products And Services

The Edinburgh Woollen Mill is known for supplying quality garments, branded and marketed as having a very “Scottish” heritage. These items are stocked to cater to adults, children and even young babies. As the name suggests, many items are perfect for Spring, Autumn and Winter wardrobes - focused mainly on the concept of woollen garments, although they sell articles in other materials. Customers can choose from a variety of cashmere, wool, cotton and aran products such as jumpers, hats, gloves and scarves. Yet, they also stock items not specifically intended for cooler weather such as everyday clothing, office attire and more casual clothing such as jeans and nightwear. They even offer Scottish-heritage items such as kilts. Outside of their line of clothing, customers can also pick up items to dress their home, including rugs, blankets and throws. All products are available for purchase in-store or online.

A Brief History

The Edinburgh Woollen Mill started under a different name in 1946. Drew Stevenson formed his Langholm Dyeing and Finishing company which offered a wool dyeing service. Drew’s son David went on to open a store in Edinburgh 24 years after the company’s formation. Two years later, when venturing south of the border, David opened the first English-based store in Carlisle (where they also loaned the football club money, owning a part-share). The company was then bought by an equity group called EWM, which was led by Phillip Day. The EWM group have continued to buy a number of established businesses and the Edinburgh Woollen mill remains part of a successful and fruitful network.

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