Superdrug is the UK’s second biggest health and beauty retailer, with almost 900 locations across Ireland and the UK. Currently, this brand is the most rapidly growing retailer in its sector in the UK, having expanded its business to include pharmacies and nurse clinics in-store. Having first been founded in 1964, this retailer has gone from strength to strength and is currently owned by AS Watson. With a strong presence both online and on high streets and in shopping centres up and down the country, it has become a household name.  It has diversified from healthcare into beauty very successfully, increasing store size and market share by targeting shoppers who have a wider range of needs. You can expect to find a wide range of products in Superdrug including medications, first aid equipment, haircare, dental care, cosmetics, toiletries, gifts, snacks and fragrances.

Superdrug Opening times & store locations

You can recognise this retailer instantly from its distinctive pink lowercase italic lettered logo with a star. With almost 900 branches located across the length and breadth of the country, it’s easy to find one in your local area, however the Superdrug opening times vary depending on the location of the store. While some stores located in major city centres and in shopping malls may have later opening times, high street branches may shut earlier. This means that closing times could vary from 5:30 pm to 9 pm, with even later hours during the festive period depending on the location. Superdrug opening times will vary on Sundays, but the bank holiday and public holiday Superdrug opening hours will vary, with operating times on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Boxing Day, Easter Monday and Good Friday varying to meet local regulations. Find the Superdrug opening times of a branch near you on the online store locator.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Superdrug

  1. This health and beauty brand now has nurse practitioners in several of its stores to offer one-to-one advice and to carry out treatments like vaccinations, with privacy booths installed to give customers more confidence to discuss their issues away from the general public.
  2. Some branches offer beauty treatments such as laser hair removal and manicures in store which complements their range of products.
  3. This retailer has been operating since the 1960s and has expanded to cover the UK and Ireland.
  4. Customers in Scandinavia can place orders with this retailer over the internet for home delivery.
  5. There is a Superdrug loyalty club which offers points and discounts for members.

Products & Services

This retailer offers an extensive range of health and beauty products, from over the counter medications to vitamins and from toothpaste to make-up, including perfumes and fragrances - these are especially popular around Christmas time. Popular with young women thanks to their extensive cosmetics and perfumery range, this store sells everything for your bathroom cabinet. Consumers can choose from a large selection of home brand products as well as products from big name brands within the sector. Not only does this retailer focus on selling health and beauty products online and instore, it also has many branches which offer a range of other services such as beauty treatments, pharmacies, ear piercing, nurse consultations and travel vaccinations.

A Brief History

This retailer was first launched in 1964, although its first store to appear under the Superdrug name was opened two years later in Putney. From a slow start, the chain had expanded to 40 locations by the start of the 1970s and ten years later there were 300 branches across the UK. In 1987, the brand was acquired by Kingfisher and from then on, the number of stores grew considerably. Today, the brand is owned by AS Watson and has expanded into offering a wider range of products and services to suit the needs of a new generation of shoppers. The brand now has a Health & Beauty card reward scheme for loyal shoppers, operates its own mobile network and has its own online opticians. Today, Superdrug aims to be a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs, with many branches offering a host of useful services including qualified pharmacists and trained in-store nurses, beauty treatments like laser hair removal and manicures and in-store vaccinations.


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