About Starbucks

Starbucks is a coffee-house chain which was originally launched in Seattle, USA in 1971 but since then has gone on to expand into multiple other countries around the world. Today there are over 28,000 Starbucks coffee-houses globally with almost 1000 in the UK. One of the new wave of coffee-houses that helped to make it trendy to drink coffee and meet up with friends in non-alcoholic venues, Starbucks is now so popular that it sells mugs with its own name on.

Coffee is what the chain initially built its reputation on, with dark-roasted whole beans and a range of options such as latte, cappuccino and espresso. It later extended drinks on offer to also include teas and flavoured beverages such as frappuccino. Snacks such as cookies, muffins and cold or warm sandwiches are also available at the majority of its stores.

Starbucks Opening Times And Store Locations

Starbucks can be found not only as stand-alone coffee-house on the high street or in shopping malls, but also as a concession in some supermarkets and other stores. The Starbucks opening times of each one for their individual cafes depends on where they are set. For example, those in a mall may mirror the hours that the other branches are open until while one cafe located on the high street is likely to close earlier.

As a general rule of thumb, however, Starbucks opening times are mostly similar. They are open 7am-8pm from Monday to Friday, 7am-7pm on Saturdays and 8am-6pm on a Sunday. On New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays, Starbucks opening times are less likely to be standard, so it is even more of a good idea to check and make sure you are heading to an open Starbucks near you. To do this, you can use the branch locator at and find Starbucks opening times for any store at any location.

As a multinational corporation, Starbucks has a vast reach and in the UK alone there are almost 1000 settings. The majority of these are found in large cities rather than more urban locations. London has the most in the UK, followed by Manchester and Edinburgh.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Starbucks

The name of Starbucks has become so popular that it’s now commonplace in society. However, there’s much more to this coffee chain than you might expect with some fascinating facts. Here’s some information about Starbucks that few people know:

  1. There is a Starbucks cup hidden somewhere in every scene of the hit film Fight Club
  2. There are Starbucks franchises on board some of the US Navy Aircraft Carriers
  3. There is a Starbucks at the headquarters of the CIA - but the customers don’t have to provide their names to place an order
  4. In the Ohio and Florida cafes, Starbucks sell a beer-flavoured coffee
  5. The largest available size is 31oz - which is larger than the human stomach.

Products and Services

Fairly obviously, the main product of this coffee-chain is indeed coffee, but that’s a simplification that doesn’t really convey the full extent of what Starbucks offers. More than just a simple beverage, there’s a veritable feast of coffee options available that customers love.

In addition to the basic variations, Starbucks also offer a range of extras for their coffee. As an alternative to standard milk, there’s soya milk, coconut milk, oat milk, almond milk or even cream. For those who like their coffee to be a little bit extra, flavourings can be added such as hazelnut, caramel, almond, vanilla, gingerbread, fruit or peppermint.

However, Starbucks offer more than just coffee, with both iced and hot tea available, frappuccinos, hot chocolate and bottled drinks. Snacks such as cake, muffins and cookies are usually available to purchase along with a selection of sandwiches and light lunch snacks. These include paninis, toasties and in some locations, cooked breakfast items too.

A Brief History of Starbucks

Since starting out in Seattle in 1971, the rise of the coffee-house chain has been meteoric. With more than 28,000 locations around the worldwide, Starbucks has become one of the best-known brands in the world. It didn’t originally set out to sell coffee but sold whole roasted beans instead, only providing coffee to drink as a free sample. By 1986 it had begun to sell espresso and that was the real start of the Starbucks which is known around the world today. The company remained within North America until 1996 when it expanded to Tokyo. Very quickly it moved to other countries too, reaching the UK in 1998 and Russia by 2007. The company continues to look for opportunities to expand further, and to grow the business in different ways.

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