Reeds Rains

Reeds Rains

Reeds Rains operate in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as an estate agent. They help buyers and renters look for properties and help property owners looking to sell their homes. They offer free valuations on properties and assist landlords with bureaucratic processes and insurance. One of their lesser-known services is mortgage advising. They are an established estate agents with a long history.  This has granted them more than 150 establishments across the aforementioned countries. You can expect a full range of estate agency services from this company. There are properties to buy including both commercial and residential premises. There is a landlord property management service, tenant property finding service and, of course, property sales of both commercial and residential properties. You can receive valuations and mortgage advice from friendly and knowledgeable estate agency professionals.

Reeds Rains Opening Times And Branch Locations

Their extensive chain of branches is spread out across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can find their establishments on the high streets in more than 100 towns and cities. This means some UK residents have access to more than one nearby branch. Those residing in Preston, Liverpool and Stockport will have the least trouble getting to a branch because these locations have the most Reeds Rains establishments in a single area. The company uses familiar branding which makes identifying their branches much easier. Their premises are painted in a royal blue colour with the company name clearly visible in a white text. Underneath the text reads “Since 1868” and above the text is an image depicting two keys that are crossed over each other.

Most of their branches use standardised Reeds Rains opening times. These branches are on weekdays between 9am and 5.30pm. On Saturdays, their opening hours are reduced and will close earlier at 4pm. Most branches will remain shut on Sundays. These are standard Reeds Rains opening times but some branches that serve a bigger community may have different opening times. To consult the exact business hours of a specific branch, it is best to use the quick and easy tool on Even if you frequently visit a specific branch, it may be best to use this free tool at certain times of the year and on certain days when Reeds Rains opening times are likely to change. This includes New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, the Christmas period and on bank holidays. This will avoid any disappointment if your local branch is closed.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Reeds Rains

Reeds Rains have had a long existence in the UK, but there may still be aspects of the business and the way they operate which is not common knowledge. Here are five things you may not have known about them:

  • Their parent company is LSL Property Services
  • They are more than 150 years old
  • They started as two different estate agents
  • They have an online blog
  • They have more than 150 establishments serving local areas

Products And Services

Their products and services can be divided up into renting, selling, buying, landlords and mortgages. They will help people look for houses to rent or help landlords to rent a property. They will also assist homeowners in offloading their properties and even help new buyers navigate mortgages by offering mortgage-specific appointments. One of their most popular services is their free valuation inspections. Other products include property protection insurance. Website visitors can also make use of the company’s blog which discusses property topics such as buy-to-let mortgages, renting out rooms in an owned home and more.

A Brief History

As alluded to above, the business is the product of two different companies. The two companies went under the name of Samuel Rains and Sons, and Reeds. Mr. Rains established his namesake company in Manchester in 1868. The company remained in the family a century later and was successful. The other company, Rains, was established by George Wrightson in 1870. More than a century later in 1982, the two companies merged and had to undergo a huge rebranding of their chains. In 2005, LSL bought the company and it continues to operate as an estate agent in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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