Pure Gym

Pure Gym

Pure Gym are a nationwide chain of popular fitness centres with a twist. Their outlets, unlike the competition, don't have standard opening and closing times and are actually opened 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. The company decided to take this approach to provide a resource for people who liked to work out, but who didn't have enough time during the normal opening times of other establishments of this kind.

As well as the people who work during the day and can't attend the gym, the special opening times are offered to encourage those people who like to work at off-peak times that are less busy and crowded. Regardless of the reason people go there, with more than 200 outlets up and down the UK, there is bound to be one situated close to them.

You can expect to find a full range of gym equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, cross-trainers and weights as well as classes and personal trainers.

Pure Gym opening times and Locations

As established above, there are more than 200 different outlets for Pure Gym in the UK. These can be found in more than 100 cities. This means that whether an individual is looking for a 24-hour gym in London, where the most are found, Glasgow, Manchester or somewhere different, they will not have a difficult job. Found in city centres and retail parks, Pure Gym establishments are easily identified by their black signs with the large outline of a P, green circle and the name written in white font.

For the most part, Pure Gym opening times 24-hours a day, but there are always exceptions, so it is best to check the details of local gyms for your specific Pure Gym opening times. Similarly, on public holidays like May Day Bank Holiday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and New Year's Day, they may be closed or have limited Pure Gym opening times, so it is always best to check. It’s always wise to check out the Pure Gym opening times for your local branch on our store locator site.

5 Fun Facts About Pure Gym

Pure Gym has become the leading brand name for no-frills, budget-price, no-contract gyms that continue to sustain a popularity that others wish they had. Even people who have not frequented their cutting-edge, no-faff exercise centres will know of them or at least have heard the name. In this brief section, we want to share some fun and interesting facts about the company that you might not have known.

  1. Olympic Gold Medallist cyclist Sir Chris Hoy is the brand ambassador for Pure Gym.
  2. The chain is the first organisation of its kind to gain more than 1m members.
  3. Chrissie Wellington OBE, a four-time World Ironman Champion is a member of Pure Gym, and attends the Bristol Union Gate branch.
  4. Not content with having more than 200 establishments throughout the country, the company plans to open another 300 gyms by 2020.
  5. Before Pure Gym, one of the many different business ventures Peter Roberts, the founder, was involved in was the Luminar nightclub chain.


As the leading name in the world of budget, no-frills gyms, Pure Gym offers those looking to enjoy the benefits of exercise equipment free weights and a full menu of different exercise classes around the clock. At the Pure Gym outlets up and down the UK you will find all the usual high-quality cardio equipment such as rowing machines, exercise bikes, steppers, stair climbers, cross trainers and treadmills. There are also fixed-weight machines for resistance training including lateral pull-down machines, bicep curls, shoulder press and chest press machines along with hip abductors, multi-gym stations, ab machines and leg presses.

If that wasn't enough, there is a wide range of free weight equipment to build up muscle mass with, such as plate-loaded equipment, squat racks, weight benches, and dumbbells weighing up to 50kg. Further to this there is also 50 free group classes covering a wide range of exercise and workout disciplines.

Brief History

The very first Pure Gym branch was opened in 2009 and from the very beginning it has the focus of making exercise and fitness much more affordable, flexible and convenient. It was to target everyone and not just a select number or specific demographic. The design of the gyms is based on providing the things that users really want and need, meaning they are not wasting money on unnecessary extras and able to offer lower prices to use the equipment and their services.

They don't require contracts and don't offer services such as spas, saunas and swimming pools at their gyms. The company was established by the so-called 'serial entrepreneur Peter Roberts and has grown from four sites between 2009 and 2011 in Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and London to more than 200 now throughout the UK. In 2018, the gym chain reached 1m members, making them the first business of their kind to achieve that particular milestone and have plans to increase further, looking to add another 300 to its family of outlets by 2020.

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