is a printing company operating in the UK. They offer a printing service and a range of products. Not only can you arrange prints of your favourite photographs and snapshots, you can also get your images transferred onto canvas and onto a range of other products for extra personalisation. These make perfect gifts for special occasions.

Some of their products include flyers, postcards, business cards, menus, booklets, occasion cards and more. They also print larger items such as displays and banners for businesses. They currently have more than 150 establishments in the UK which are served from their base in Manchester. Opening Times And Store Locations sells through other stores, as well as running their own chain of stores. They have more than 150 establishments spread throughout the UK's towns and cities and in shopping centres. They are widely dispersed between upwards of 120 cities. Many residents within the UK have seamless access to one of their branches. This is especially true of residents of Birmingham, Glasgow and London. These locations house the most outlets. Noticing one of their stores is made easier because of their colorful aesthetics. Their storefronts use their colourful branding, which is also seen in their logo. The logo reads “printing” in blue text and “.com” in pink text. Both words sit on a white background with some added graphics surrounding the first word.

Their branches may be spread far and wide across the UK, but they mostly run from the same business schedule. You will find that most of their establishments are open between 9am and 5pm from Monday through to Friday. On weekends, most stores are closed on both days. However, some branches may use different opening times. This is more likely when stores are located in busier areas or in shopping centres with late night shopping. It is always recommended to search for the specific opening times for your branch before travelling. This is easy to do when using the user-friendly opening-times tool on At certain times of the year, and on specific days, some branches may significantly change their opening times or close stores. To account for these changes, it is highly recommended to use this tool on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and on bank holidays to ensure that the opening times of your closest branch are as you expect them to be.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Printing.Com may be recognisable to many UK residents, but there are many facts about the company that many of their past customers are not aware of. Here are five things you may not have known about the printing company:

  • They operate in multiple continents
  • Their headquarters are based in Trafford Park, Manchester
  • They use four different avenues to sell their products
  • They also make exhibition displays and sell furniture
  • They are more than 25 years old

Products And Services

The company offer printing services in an array of formats. They can print designs and templates onto flyers, leaflets, business cards, personal occasion cards, menus and much more. Printing can be completed in a branch or can be ordered online for delivery. They also sell a range of stationary and provide business with many different products and services. They produce and sell displays for booths, marketing banners and bulk quantities of posters. Some of their lesser-known products include flags, deck chairs, parasols and tables. All of these products come complete with printed designs on different types of materials.

A Brief History was started in 1992 and produces its products from a facility in Manchester to serve its stores and partners. Due to rapid success, the business has expanded into many European countries and even further afield in the USA and New Zealand. In 2010, the company bought a Dutch equivalent by the name of MFG BV. They then went on to produce multiple websites under different names to sell designs from freelance graphic designers. In 2015, many of their websites were sold for profit. The company continues to provide UK residents with a renowned printing service.

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