Primark is one of the biggest fashion retailers in the UK, with more than 350 stores worldwide, with more than 180 of those located in the UK and 37 in Ireland where it originates from. The retailer is known for selling an extensive range of products, not just womenswear, but also children's and men's clothing, plus confectionery, beauty products, bags, purses, hair items, cosmetics, footwear, accessories, jewellery and even homeware. You can find all kinds of clothing from trousers and dresses to skirts, footwear, lingerie, outerwear, seasonal items and formal wear.

It was originally positioned in the fast fashion market, along with H&M and Zara and is known for low prices that fall below the market averages. Over the years, the Primark opening times have expanded to meet the needs of those looking to shop out with normal hours of operation. Anyone looking for an answer to the question 'Is there a Primark near me, opening soon?' should always check out

Primark opening times and Locations

Primark continues to be a popular haunt for people looking to get fashionable clothing items and other goods for relatively low prices and with more than 180 different outlets in more than 150 different cities, trendy bargain-hunters are never far away from a store.

Primark opening times can vary between locations. Primark shops tend to open at around 8am and close at 10pm, Monday through to Friday, with slightly shorter Primark opening times at the weekend. However, this is subject to local regulations and customs, so it's always a good idea to check the specific hours of operation for a branch. Similarly, on public holidays and bank holidays such as May Day, New Year's Day, Boxing Day and Easter Monday, there may be different Primark opening times. It’s always wise to check our store locator to find out the Primark opening times at the branch closest to you to avoid a wasted journey.

5 Facts About Primark

Primark has made quite a name for itself in its relatively short lifespan. Most women of a certain age, and even men, love it for the bargains and money-saving deals they can benefit from. However, there are still some things you may not have realised. If you have a quiz night coming up or intend on appearing on Tipping Point or something like that in the near future, maybe the five interesting facts we've gathered together about the retailer will help you win some points.

  • 1. Primark now has stores in 11 countries across Europe and even The United States.
  • 2. The biggest Primark is found in Manchester, covers three stories and an area of 155,000 sq. ft.
  • 3. The fibre used most in garments sold by Primark is cotton.
  • 4. The company has made moves towards using only sustainably-grown cotton and funding the CottonConnect initiative. This is a program that teaches female cotton farmers learn how to produce sustainable cotton.
  • 5. There are plans for a store bigger than the Manchester one to open in Birmingham later in 2018.


As one of the leading fashion retailers and innovators of the fast fashion industry, Primark is best known for selling womenswear, children's clothes, baby clothes and menswear at competitively low prices. Its womenswear section features dresses, formal wear, scarves, gloves, hats, jeans, coats, jackets, bags, purses, skirts, tops, trousers and bottoms, lingerie, underwear and pyjamas and a whole lot more. While its menswear features similar items such as joggers, jeans, hoodies, sweatshirts, coats and jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, knitwear, suits, shorts, shoes and shirts.

Aside from the womenswear, menswear, there is also a wide variety of beauty products, including its own line of branded items and homeware goods and accessories.

Brief History

Primark started as a Dublin-based fashion retail by Arthur Ryan, under the name of Penney's. The first store opened in 1969 and then the first UK branch opened in 1973 in Derby. The reason it has a different name outside of the Republic of Ireland is because the fact that American retail giant J.C. Penney, so the name Primark was used. There are now 189 branches in UK and various other places throughout mainland Europe and nine in the United States.  

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