Pets Corner

Pets Corner

Pets Corner is a pet care retail chain that specialises in supplying all-natural pet treatments, foods and accessories. Although their range of products are mainly for cats and dogs, they also stock items for cold water and tropical fish, birds, reptiles, small animals and various types of wildlife. You’ll find pet food, pet accessories, pet toys, pet care items, grooming products, pet treats and even seasonal items.

With more than 167 stores across the UK, the Pets Corner opening times can vary somewhat. It makes sense then when there are people are asking "where is there ethical pet stores like Pets Corners near me?", that they consider the various Pets Corner opening times and closing times.

Pets Corner and Locations

With the tagline 'Sharing Our Experience' in blue, the lower-case lettering of the name and a small image of a dog leaping over the curve of the c, there is no escaping Pets Corner or mistaking it for another pet store. There are certainly enough outlets, whether an individual is looking in Crawley, where the largest number of branches are located, or somewhere else like Reading or Eastleigh. The Pets Corner establishments throughout the UK tend to be opening from Monday through to Sunday, with most Pets Corner opening times being from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4.30pm on Sundays.

It it crucial that anyone looking for ethical pet and animal goods in their local area for the actual Pets Corner opening times. These will be different, not just from, location to location, but also on bank holidays and other public holidays such as Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, Good Friday and Easter Monday.

5 Interesting Facts About Pets Corner

When shopping at a particular store, many people like knowing as much as they can about what's available and why they need it. This is very true when it comes to pet food and other accessories for animals of all shapes and sizes. There is a stronger emphasis these days on choosing ethical items, which is why Pets Corners are so popular with the people in the know. Therefore, it seems only fair that the five facts we want to highlight about Pets Corner revolve around their ethical values.

  1. Rather than just training them in-store like most other retailers, Pets Corner put their trainee staff through a classroom-based training that covers animal medicines and treatments, pet behaviour, nutrition and husbandry.
  2. The company trains more than 300 people every month.
  3. The Pets Corner training curriculum consists of more than 400 different documents.
  4. When buying mammals, their stores pay more than their rivals, so that their ethical breeders can provide the animals with adequate love, care, medical attention, food and space. For example, they pay £30 for a rabbit and the customer pays £36 (Original price plus the VAT)
  5. The chain sells a much smaller selection of pets than other stores, choosing to stock the ones that are best for care in a home environment.

Products and Services

Just as anyone would expect from an ethical pet store, Pets Corner's products are divided into categories based on the types of animals. So, there's products for dogs, cats, small animals, pet birds, reptiles, fish and wildlife. Within each category, there is a wide selection of sub-categories. For example, each outlet carries an array of items designed for dogs from food, treats and toys to collars, leashes, ID trackers and tags, beds and treatments. There's a similar range for small animals and cats. For animals like fish and reptiles, there are items like heating equipment and lighting.

The wildlife section is interesting because it includes food, feeders for wild birds alongside food for wild animals. So, anyone who has a lot of visitors to their back garden can ensure they are well fed or encourage them to visit. Aside from the expert staff that are on-hand to give advice, Pets Corner branches are full of everything the ethical pet owner or animal lover would want and need. At many stores there is an exclusive Puppy Hour on Saturdays and Tuesdays. These are chances for customers to help socialise their puppies, while benefitting from a 10% discount (from 9.30am to 10.30am on Saturdays at participating stores) and a free treat for their four-legged friend.

Brief History

Among the great things that happened in 1968, the most important for Pets Corner occurred when Sandra and Mark Richmond opened a relatively small pet store. The couple came from a farming background and put their love and knowledge of animals to good use to make Pets Corner a got-to place in the local area for fellow animal lovers. During the 70's, the couple continued to build up the fledgling business, and moved to a bigger store. The second store came in 1983 in the seaside town of Hove. Their stocking of only high-quality goods and manning their stores with knowledgeable and friendly staff who could give expert advice was very much a part of it all and something that remains to this day at the heart of what makes the chain successful.

As time moved on, the business branched out, in more ways than one. With stores opening up all-over and handcrafted pet homes being added to their product lines. By the turn of the century and new millennium, the company was ready to roll out its first ever classroom-based training course. the first one took place in Crawley at the head office, but soon there would be seven classrooms located throughout the country. Other notable highlights include the introduction of LED lighting to all their stores and their dog and cat food. Finally, the expansion of the company say it join forces with Pet Practice, Pampered Pets and introduced the Natural Pet Grooming Spa, a first for the country. Pets Corner has gone from that one single store to become the second biggest chain of pet shops in the UK.

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