Office is a UK high street fashion retailer that specialises in shoes and boots for men, women and children. As well as stocking some of the world’s greatest footwear brands, Office are known for creating their own quirky and footwear designs, which are sold under the Office name. You can find a wide range of shoes in the product range including formal footwear, comfortable flats, heels, sandals, boots and work shoes.

Office opening times and Locations

Office have over 100 stores across the UK, which mainly feature on the high street or popular shopping centres of UK cities. Most of these branches are located within England.

This retailer is often seen as a ‘cool’ place to shop for footwear, making it more appealing to the younger generations than the likes of Clarks. The shopfronts usually have large windows, all filled with fun shoes and boots to catch the interest of shoppers passing by. Inside you will find footwear against illuminated light boxes, again to push the idea that these items are more than just shoes – they are also the height of fashion.

The logo itself is simple, just the company name in block capitals. Again, this is done effectively to be eye-catching, even when the shop is surrounded by other retailers.

As Office tends to have establishments in so many shopping centres, the Office opening times tend to vary across the UK. For stand-alone stores, expect stores to open at 9.30am Monday to Saturday and close around 6.30pm. Closing on a Thursday – when many shops stay open later – will vary. Sunday Office opening times are generally from 10am until 6pm.

For more accurate opening times, use the store locator feature on the retailer’s website. Here ‘near me’ Office opening times will be far more accurate, meaning you never miss out on some shoe shopping.

Retail is very busy around Christmas, so some shops may open later. Branches will definitely close on Christmas but will likely be open New Year’s Day and have reduced Office opening hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. As sales tend to start on Boxing Day, expect the shops to open bright and early.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Office

Office is one of the UK’s most loved footwear retailers, but did you know these five facts about the company:

  1. Office offer an affiliate commission on their website. This means that if you run a blog, such as one showing your favourite outfits, if you link readers to an Office product and they buy it, you could earn up to 8 percent commission.
  2. Office have shown to have a much lower than average pay gap percentage between men and women, making them one of the best equal pay retailers around.
  3. Students can get a 20 percent discount and free delivery on all purchases they make, both online and in-store.
  4. Office was purchased for £256 million in 2015 by a South African company called Truworths.
  5. The retailer operates under a code of ethics and good business practice, this means that all employees – including suppliers – should be treated and paid fairly no matter where they are located.

Products and Services

Office is fundamentally a shoe shop, selling footwear for the men, women and children, although it does some sell accessories such as backpacks and footcare products like cleaning kits and spare laces.

The retailer stocks a number of the world’s biggest footwear brands, these include: UGG, Converse, Blowfish, Nike, Kickers and Vans. They also have their own brand, O by Office, that is developed by talented in-house designers.

The shoes stocked tend to be based on the latest fashion trends, and are not just focussed on shoes you might wear to the ‘office’. In particular, Office has some of the most extensive branded trainer lines you can get on the UK high street, including some store exclusives.

A Brief History

The Office brand new actually comes from the fact that the retailer used to display their products on old office furniture. This habit started in 1981 when the brand opened their first concession in London store Hyper Hyper.

The brand soon became so popular with the fashion-conscious in London, that they started opening their first stand-alone shops in 1984. After success in the UK, the retailer began opening stores overseas from 2004. This included stores in Germany, NYC, Miami and Chicago.  

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