NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual

The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited, better known as its shorter name NFU Mutual, is a UK-based insurance and investment company. However, they operate things slightly differently to other insurance companies. They sell policies through agents located in rural areas as well as busier towns and cities – hence their full name. Most of their agents are classed as self-employed but sell NFU Mutual products. They have many branches where you can walk into if you require advice about their service from a qualified professional.

Some of their products include home, life and equine insurance, as well as pensions, investment products, income protection, business protection and products specifically aimed at the farming community. They currently have more than 300 branches and 600 trained agents working for them. These agents make up a small part of their total 3500 employees.

NFU Mutual Opening Hours And Store Locations

The business's branches are found in major cities to more rural locations. The 300 plus branches are spread throughout the UK quite evenly with not many branches repeating in the same city or town. Residents of Sevenoaks, Armagh and Bristol have access to most establishments in a single location. It is relatively easy to spot an NFU Mutual branch due to their distinct branding and easy-to-remember logo. They often adopt black and yellow colours and their logo depicts a yellow outline of a crop on a black circular background. The company name is then stated besides the image in a black text. The word "Mutual" is written in a slightly bolder font.

Regular opening hours for NFU branches run from Monday to Friday between 9am to 8pm. Most branches will close much earlier on Saturdays at 12.30pm. NFU Mutual closes on Sundays and will also remain closed on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and many bank holidays. It is always advised to check a specific branch opening hours, especially on the aforementioned public holidays. Check to see if there is an NFU Mutual open near you today using our store locator, it will show the most accurate opening and closing times for numerous NFU Mutual branches at a town near you.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual may be a recognisable company to many UK resident, but there are many things about the company and their history which is not common knowledge. Here are five facts that are unlikely to be known by the average customer:

  1. The company is more than a century old
  2. It began with seven farmers
  3. They do not have shareholders
  4. Instead, they divide capped profits between customers
  5. They built a skyscraper in Zimbabwe

Products And Services

NFU Mutual offers a range of services in insurance and investments. You can protect you and your family with a range of their products, including home insurance, motor insurance, pension plans, life cover, income protection, business protection and insurance, farming insurance and with other farming services. You can also invest through NFU Mutual by taking out financial products such as ISAs, Bonds and by a number of other means through the company.

They also have a mutual bonus plan in place to reward loyal customers. Due to the company not having shareholders, they are in a position to give away a large percentage of their annual profits. The profits are returned in the form of discounts towards premiums when policies are renewed by current customers. The maximum discount is capped but the marking of a century of business meant NFU Mutual lifted the cap temporarily for a single year.

A Brief History

The business was formed by seven farmers just before the First World War in 1910. They grew quickly due to lucrative rates for life insurance cover for farmers. At this time, members of the National Farmers Union were exclusively able to access the company’s offers. It was not until 60 years after the company was formed that they started welcoming other people to take advantage of their services. Now, a large portion of NFU Mutual’s members are outside of the rural and farming communities.

Unlike many companies who grow and expand internationally, NFU Mutual has somewhat done the reverse. They offered services in African countries before ceasing their overseas business and returning to exclusively offer products and services to UK, Isle of Man and Channel Island residents.  

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