Moss Bros

Moss Bros Group PLC

The company is one of the most respected providers of menswear formal dress in the UK.

Moss Bros Group PLC retails and hires men’s formal clothing with most locations in the UK. The company sells men’s suits and all the associated clothing and accessories through branded stores, as well as though an online store.

Since 2011, the company operates with one division that includes brands sold by the company such as Moss Bros Hire, which hires formal wear, Moss Bros which sells high quality men’s wear, and  Moss Tailor Me. The business is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The formal wear available from Moss Bros is ideal for weddings, formal parties and other special occasions. There are three piece suits with matching ties, cravats and other accessories. There are also formal jackets and trousers from a wide range of well known brands. These items are available for both hire and sale.

Moss Bros Opening Times and Locations

Moss Bros has over 150 shops throughout the United Kingdom. The company operates more than 100 Moss Bros branded stores and 20+ Moss Bros outlet stores; and more than 120 Moss Bros Hire outlets. This means that there is sure to be a location close to where you live.

The majority of stores have Moss Bros opening times of 10:00am Monday to Friday, 9:00am Saturday and 10:00am Sunday. All shops throughout the UK close anywhere between 4:30 pm and 8 pm. With there being so many locations, there will be significant variation in Moss Bros opening times and closing times. When it comes to bank holidays and public holidays such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday, the Moss Bros opening times will also vary depending on local regulations.  It makes sense to use to make sure you know the closest store and the Moss Bros opening times in your nearest location. This will ensure that you are not disappointed before setting out to your local store.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Moss Bros

This enterprise has a long and interesting history. Here are five of the most interesting facts about the company:

  1. Moses Moss formed a company with a name famous for high quality in new clothing. However, the company started selling second-hand clothes Moses set the motto for the organisation, 'Sell only the best stuff, and give only the best service'.
  2. The cost to hire a suit, when the service was created in 1897, was 37.5p per hire.
  3. The Military Department is launched in 1910 following the company suiting up of officers from unused military paraphernalia remaining from the Boer War.
  4. Moss Bros actually had a Saddlery Department in the basement at King Street with the purchase of the highly respected saddlers Parker's in 1918.
  5. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, brings the most influental and important people in the land to Moss Bros for proper attire for the royal event, including the Duke of Norfolk.

Products and Services

The company offers branded products of men’s formal wear, it own as well as third party brands, which include name brands like Hugo Boss, and DKNY.

Moss Bros Hire service operates in most of Britain’s major high streets. Each week of the high season, they hire out thousands of formal suits each week.

A Brief History

Moses Moss established in 1851 in Covent Garden, London, UK. Moses Moss passed away in 1894, leaving the company to Alfred & George Moss.

Moss Bros created the Hire service in 1897, when Alfred charged his friend Charles Pond for the loan of a suit for events where he needed to perform.

WWI 1914 - To keep up with orders for military uniforms, the staff takes to sleeping the shop.

WWII 1939 - Most of the Hire Department is mothballed, and the company opens branches in strategic locations to serve the military.

Moss Bros becomes a publicly traded enterprise in 1947. They open a Women's evening wear Department and a hire service to provide evening wear and wedding outfits.

Adrian Wright leaves his position at Europe's largest retail organisation, Bluewater, in order to take the position of CEO at the Moss Bros Group in 2002. He closes down the underperforming Code brand, leads a consolidation effort and establishes a different strategic direction for the company.

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