Molton Brown

Molton Brown

Molton Brown is a chain store retailer selling personal care items such as health and beauty products, hygiene products and a range of toiletries. This includes bath and shower gels, lotions, soaps, fragrances and grooming kits. Interestingly, they were not always sellers of personal care items. They were founded as a hair salon before changing business direction. They currently have more than 120 stores spread throughout the UK and operate internationally as well.

Molton Brown Opening Times And Store Locations

Their company stores are found on the high streets and in renowned shopping areas in major towns and cities across the UK. Their establishments are located in more than 60 cities. This means many residents with a Molton Brown in close proximity are likely to have more than one store nearby. Members of the public who reside in London, Liverpool and Manchester have the easiest access to the most stores in one location. Whether a resident of these cities or another town hosting a store, it is easy to identify their branches. Stores usually have a sleek storefront and display the company logo. The logo simply states the business name in black text on a white background.

There may be subtle changes between Molton Brown opening times between their branches. Yet, many of their stores operate from a standardised schedule. Most establishments remain open for long hours between 9am and 8pm on weekdays. During the weekends, Molton brown opening times will change. On Saturdays, most stores will be open one hour less from 9am to 7pm. Sunday opening times are reduced further and usually run from 11am until 5pm. It is always recommended to look for the specific Molton Brown opening times for your intended outlet. This can be done using Using this branch locator tool is even further recommended on days where hours are likely to change, or stores could potentially be closed. These days include New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays. Make sure you seek out the most accurate Molton Brown opening hours on these days.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Molton Brown

Molton Brown stores are a familiar sight to frequent shoppers on the British high street and to those that visit shopping malls. Despite their recognised presence, there are many facts about the business that customers and admirers are not aware of:

  1. They have been in existence in one form or another for over 45 years
  2. They began as a hair salon and then changed direction into care products for retail sale
  3. They supply hotels with their products - you will often see their smaller personal care bottles in hotel bathrooms
  4. All products are certified free from animal testing and they invest heavily in non-animal tested products
  5. They supply the Queen with her toiletries and have a Royal Warrant

Products And Services

Molton Brown products include bath bombs and salts, different types of and different smelling soaps, lotions, hand creams and shampoos and conditioners. They sell them in full-sized containers and as travel-friendly products which are sized to meet the requirements of flying with liquids. Their homeware department offers a number of products to improve the aromas of your household with candles and sprays. They also have a men’s section to sell grooming kits, masculine deodorants and shaving products. Other selections include a fragrance section and a gifts department that combines some of their most popular individual items into discounted bundles. Products can be bought by visiting their establishments or by shopping online at their official website. They also run an online newsletter discussing products and homemaking topics, linking back to their products.

A Brief History

Molton Brown was established by Caroline Burstein in 1973. Initially, the business was a hair salon but the company moved away from hairdressing and developed into retailers of hygiene and beauty products. By the last decade of the 20th century, the business had grown and managed to partner up with travel firms and hotels to supply them with toiletries. They were bought by a Japanese firm in 2005 but continue to make their products in England. They remain successful and are known for being a supplier to Buckingham Palace.

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