Mind is a charity in the United Kingdom that supports and advises people with mental health issues while also raising awareness to the public with regards to the issues that those with mental health problems experience. They regularly campaign to improve services and promote understanding of mental health problems and raise money through more than 140 charity shops dotted around the United Kingdom.

Those charity shops accept donations in the form of clothing, accessories, books, CDs, DVDs, homeware, toys and whatever else they will be able to sell to make money. They also run a collection service for larger donations of goods while larger stores in certain locations can also accept larger pieces of furniture and electrical appliances such as televisions, freezers, ovens and washing machines.  They can quite often be a source of cheap but reliable furniture and white goods for those on low incomes who are setting up home.

Mind Opening Times and Establishment Locations

London, with 12 Mind charity shops, has the most branches and other cities will also have multiple establishments to choose from but you will also find them in towns and villages across the UK as well. Normally found on high streets, Mind charity shops are easily identifiable due to their italic style written logo in a deep blue colour.

Like most charity shops, Mind opening hours are mostly the same. The majority of Mind stores are open between 9 AM and 5 PM on Monday until Saturday but this may change depending on the specific location of the shop. It should also be noted that like any other business or charity, local regulations will mean that Mind opening times may be forced to will differ at Christmas, New Year’s Day, Boxing Day, Easter Monday and Good Friday. Bank holidays will also reduce the number of hours that Mind charity shops will be open. These regulations and the discrepancies between branches may have you wondering “how can i find out Mind opening times near me?” Well, use the branch locator here for a quick-and-easy solution in obtaining accurate opening hours at your local Mind charity.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mind

Mind has done some exceptional work for those affected with mental health issues in the last 70-years. Here are some short facts about this remarkable charity:

  1. Founded in 1946, Mind was originally called the National Association for Mental Health - the name was changed to make it more instantly memorable
  2. The current President of Mind is Stephen Fry, an actor who has often spoken of his struggles with bipolar disorder
  3. More than 70,000 people call the Mind helplines each year in the United Kingdom
  4. There are currently more than 2,100 volunteers that work in Mind charity shops
  5. 72p from every £1  raised goes towards the charity work performed by Mind

Products and Services

At more than 140 Mind charity shops across the UK, customers can buy second-hand goods such as clothes, books, furniture, appliances, toys and games at extremely low prices. These items are donated by those that wish to support the charity and have items that they no longer need.

Funds raised go to help fund the costs of the support that Mind gives to those that are struggling with mental health problems or want some guidance or information regarding these issues.

Anyone that wishes to donate items for the stores to donate can do so by bringing them along to their closest branch or through arranging a collection. This can be done via phone or their portal online.

A Brief History

Under its original name of the National Association for Mental Health, this charity was first established more than 70-years ago in 1946. It was the merger of the three other organisations in the Central Association for Mental Awareness, National Council for Mental Hygiene and the Child Guidance Council which formed Mind.

Over the coming years, Mind worked hard to bring awareness to mental health problems and also created World Mental Health Day in 1992 which has been celebrated each year since on the 10th of October. The charity was rebranded as Mind in 2008 and by 2011, it had appointed the famous actor Stephen Fry as its President. The services provided by Mind are available to all, making it an essential source of help in a sector where growing needs put an increasing strain on other services.

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