Martin & Co

Martin & Co

Martin & Co is an estate agent operating throughout the UK. They offer people the chance to view properties with the potential of buying them or renting them. Simultaneously, they help property owners to find tenants and sell their homes. They also have services to help landlords, mortgage seekers and help people wanting to search auction rooms for properties. They have grown into a recognisable and established estate agent. This has enabled them to operate a chain of more than 160 establishments across the UK.

When you visit Martin & Co you can expect to receive friendly and approachable service. Both buy to let buyers and residential buyers can receive purchasing advice. Prospective buyers can choose from an extensive selection of local commercial and residential properties. There are also rental properties available for tenants and property management services for landlords. Customers can receive other services too such as mortgage advice and valuations.

Martin & Co Opening Times And Branch Locations

There 160-plus branches can be found in major cities and towns across the UK. Their establishments are in over 130 cities which means most UK resident have effortless access to one of their branches. This is more true for those living in London, Manchester and Nottingham. Residents of these cities are afforded the most branches in one spot. Spotting a Martin & Co branch is easy if familiar with the company branding. Their logo is something to look out for. It reads the business name in capital blue letters. However, the text is a dark blue except from the “&” symbol. The “&” symbol is a much lighter blue than the rest of the text. Located next to the text is two shapes that represent the sides of two properties. One is green while the other is a blue which is close to the shade used for the “&” sign.

It is possible to consult the specific Martin & Co opening times of any branch by using the free opening-time-checker tool at This is advised to avoid disappointment and even more necessary at certain points of the year when they are more likely to alter the Martin & Co opening times or close for the day. This includes New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and bank holidays. Nevertheless, at ordinary times of the year, many of their establishments use the same Martin & Co opening times. Branches will be open between 9am and 8pm from Monday to Friday. On weekends, branches are usually closed on both days however, again, the Martin & Co opening times on these days may vary depending on the location. It is always wise to check before setting off.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Martin & Co

Martin & Co have a lot of establishments in many UK locations. This has allowed them to become part of the UK’s high street furniture. Yet, there are many aspects of the business that remain unknown to the general public. These include:

  • Their establishments span across the UK
  • They were established in 1995
  • They run more than 160 branches
  • They have won more than 150 awards since 2002
  • They are members of industry-overseeing organisations

Products And Services

As an estate agent, Martin & Co prove a number of services for people owning properties and for people looking for property. They help people find different types of property to rent and to buy in an array of locations. They also help landlords find tenants and aid them with the process of renting a property, including insurance obligations. To help people wanting to sell or buy a property, they have a wealth of experience dealing in property auctions and can help people going through these processes. Customers can make use of their mortgage-advise service to understand what type of mortgage they will need and they will even compare current mortgages on the market to help people make an informed choice.

A Brief History

The company was established by Richard Wilson Martin and Kathryn Martin in 1995. During their existence, they’ve managed to grow a number of branches in many different towns and cities. Their expansion has enabled them to manage more than 30,000 properties. They continue to operate as a successful estate agent in the UK.

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