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    Majestic Wine

    Majestic Wine is one of the most popular and largest specialist wine retailers in the UK. It was founded originally in 1980 by Sheldon Graner and has a reputation of selling great quality wines for reasonable prices. As well as fine wine, they also sell various other alcoholic drinks, including spirits, beer and champagne from all over the world.

    With more than 200 establishments in the country, there are no shortage of options for lovers of fine alcoholic beverages finding great deals in one of their fine retail outlets. People regularly come to when they have the question 'what are the opening times of Majestic Wine stores near me?'. The opening times will vary from location to location so finding Majestic Wine opening times near you in super quick time is a real convenience!

    Majestic Wine Opening Times And Store Locations

    Since its inception, the company has gone from strength to strength and unsurprisingly London is the location with the highest number of outlets, followed very closely by Bristol and Edinburgh. Though, as there are stores in 160 towns and cities, wine lovers are never too far away from a great place to shop for high quality alcohol.

    Generally, the majority of Majestic Wine opening times are fairly similar if not identical. Their establishments are open from 10am to 8pm on Monday to Friday, with slightly earlier opening times on Saturdays. Saturday opening hours at Majestic WInes are usually between 10am to 7pm and on Sundays between 10am and 5pm.

    However, it is advised that you should check Majestic Wine opening times times for the specific branch you are interested in visiting. As well as local regulations and customs, special occasions and public holidays such as Bank Holiday Monday, Easter Sunday, Good Friday and New Year's Day are likely to have altered opening times. Of course, this takes just a moment when using the branch locator opening times tool here with us!

    5 Interesting Facts About Majestic Wine

    Over the years, Majestic Wine have made something of a name for itself as a fine wine retailer. You may think you know quite a lot about the brand and the other related stores, such as Naked Wines,  however, there is always something new you can learn. Even if people already know the following facts, we still wanted to highlight them anyway, because we think they are very interesting.

    1. The organisation took part in a charity fundraiser with Alzheimer's Research UK which raised £50,000 to help in the fight against the disease. It did this by arranging for a full year in aid of the great cause. It started with a ‘Go Orange Day’, along with many other activities planned throughout the day.
    2. The company does the same every year as it was such a success.
    3. Not content with just their stores in the UK, the company now operates two in France as well.
    4. Majestic PLC now owns Naked Wines, Les Celliers De Calais, Lay and Wheeler and Majestic Wine Warehouses
    5. Sheldon Graner, the founder, came up with the name Majestic as a nod to his other major love in life, collecting early stamps, particularly postage stamps of King George V and Edward VII.

    Products and Services

    As anyone would expect, Majestic Wine are most notably known for selling a stunning array of wines. People with all tastes are catered for with most branches stocking a large supply of reds, whites and roses. Along with the standard wines, there is also an extensive range of champagnes, Proseccos and other finer, more luxury bottles. Grape-based beverages are not the only things available from the outlets though.

    Craft beer continues to be incredibly popular and Majestic Wine obviously see it as foolish not to stock this and many other fine beers, along with cider and spirits. In the past, the company used to insist on a 6-bottle minimum order. However, they scrapped that recently to help compete with other vintners and off-licence chains.

    Brief History

    Sheldon Graner founded Majestic Wine, then called Majestic Vintners in 1980. He had gained a reasonable amount of experience working as a merchandiser for John Lewis. It was when he left there that he decided to turn his hobby and passion for wine trading/broking into a business and set the company up. The name Majestic was a reference to his other burning passion in life - collecting postage stamps from days of King George V and King Edward VIII. In fact, the design for the original logo for Majestic was based on 1929 King George V stamps.

    To understand the situation he was in better, it makes sense to highlight the fact that wine was only generally bought through specialist wine retailers or off-licences. Sheldon saw a gap and decided to sell wine from a warehouse, and initially started with a 12-bottle minimum purchase order. that was to comply with the licensing laws of the time. One of the biggest innovations Majestic became known for was wine tasting before buying. The first outlet opened in Harringay and then one in Battersea followed and they had a steady increase over the next couple of decades.

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