Magnet is a kitchen retailer that has more than 170 showrooms throughout the UK. As the shift from the centre of the home becoming the kitchen has continued, the popularity of Magnet has increased. Based in Darlington, County Durham, it operates with two brands, Magnet Trade and Magnet and employs more than 2,000 people. People go to Magnet when they need to renovate or design a brand-new kitchen and build it and stocks all the appliances, furniture, hardware and accessories necessary for kitchen builds.

Magnet Opening Times  and Locations

Anyone wondering 'Is there a Magnet showroom opening soon, near me' should refer to Although, with more than 170 shops up and down the UK, it should be very easy to find one open. Generally, Magnet opening times remain pretty regular. They are closed on Sundays but open from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 6pm. There will always be regional and local differences in the times certain shops open and close, though, so it's always wise to check out the Magnet opening times for that specific outlet. The same can be said when it is a public holiday of some kind, like Bank Holiday Monday at the start of May and Good Friday, Easter Monday and Boxing Day. It is always worth checking the Magnet opening times for bank holidays.

5 Facts About Magnet

Magnet Kitchens are the foremost retailer for designing and building trendy and highly functional, but innovative kitchens. Despite the company being well-know there may still be things you didn't know about them. That's why we have put our five favourite facts about Magnet Kitchens below.

  1. Magnet and Samsung joined forces to create a smart kitchen that incorporated Samsung's connected home appliances with Magnet's innovative kitchen furniture range.
  2. Magnet aligns itself with the National Autistic Society and helps to raise money and awareness for the charity organisation.
  3. The brand launched a campaign to celebrate the treasured family moments that take place in kitchens in 2018.
  4. In 2000, Magnet was the first kitchen retailer in the country to achieve the TrustMark accreditation.
  5. The retailer's Sutton showroom introduced the first 3D virtual reality kitchen modeller in the UK.

Products and Services

As the most experienced and biggest specialist kitchen retailer in the country, they offer the widest range of kitchens on the market. They sell everything that is needed to design and build a kitchen virtually from scratch. The range of appliances they stock includes washers, dryers, fridges, wine coolers, range cookers, ovens, hoods, microwave ovens, hobs, dishwashers and coffee machines. The retailer also sells a wide range of accessories including lighting solutions, smart kitchen products, worktops, taps, sinks, knobs, handles and flooring.

As well as the actual products, Magnet Kitchens also offers a full range of services to help customers design and build their kitchens. This includes the unique to Magnet Full Circle Service, which covers everything from the Home Survey through to Installation and eventually the Smart Care Check they carry out after one year.

Brief History

Magnet was first established in 1918 in the West Yorkshire town of Bingley by Tom Duxbury. The legend is that Duxbury had traded a horse he owned for a fire lighting company and named the subsequent business after the horse. Through the '20s, Magnet was a pioneer in the world of mass-produced window, door and joinery products and started to supply components for large building projects. They opened new operations in Knaresborough, Grays and Keighley. IT's first branch opened in 1960 in Bingley and in 1970, kitchen products were added and a new factory followed soon after in Darlington, for manufacturing kitchen furniture.

Then in 1975, the company had become the biggest joinery product manufacturer in the country with 115 branches. It then merged with Sourthern-Evans to create Magnet & Southerns and expanded throughout the '80s with more manufacturing operations being added in Deeside, Burnley, Penrith, Thornton and Rotherham. They also in time bought Thomas Easthams. After noting the growth in the DIY sector, the company repositioned itself in the retail kitchen sector and its first showroom was opened in 1980. It sold Sourtherns-Evans and in 1990, separate Trade and Retail divisions were formed for the business to maximise the customer service they offered to consumers in both sectors. Come the '00s and Nobia bought Magnet.

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