M&Co is a Scottish-founded clothing retailer that sells clothing for men, women and children. Some of these branches also sell home products. The store is often compared to Marks and Spencer, where M&Co is often described as a more budget-friendly option for quality clothes suitable for the whole family.

The company are known for opening stores in slightly more ‘rural’ areas where other big brand clothing outlets haven’t opened a branch. This often makes M&Co the go-to retailer in an area when people don’t wish to shop online.

The range encompasses trousers, skirts, dresses, knitwear, jeans, casual and formal tops, footwear, jewellery, accessories and kidswear.

M&Co Opening Times  and Locations

With over 300 stores across the nation, with many of these located in Scotland, M&Co is one of the largest privately-owned retailers in the UK. These stores stretch from the Shetland islands on the top of the country, right down to bottom south-west coast of England.

M&Co was rebranded just a few years ago, this was to make the brand feel more contemporary and appeal to a younger generation. This re-branding was echoed in the shop faces, which are now a simple black and white design, whit the shop name in white. Newer branches tend to go for a glass front, with the logo as a light, making for a modern and appealing look.

The M&Co opening times tend to vary across the UK with these open and closing times differing by around 30 minutes, depending on where you live. Generally, the shops are open around 9-530pm Monday to Saturday and from 12-4pm on a Sunday. To make sure you know your local M&Co opening times, visit the website and search ‘near me’, this will tell you the local M&Co opening times.

All the stores will close on Christmas and some stores might close on New Year’s Day, other days like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve may have earlier closing times. You will need to check with an establishment personally for these days. Otherwise, the stores are open on bank holidays.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About M&Co

Interested to know more about this Scottish retailer? Here are five facts that will make you the M&Co expert:

  1. The retailer began trading over 50 years ago under the name MacKays, it was rebranded from 2005 to 2007 to recreate a more modern feel.
  2. The company believe in employee loyalty, and nearly a quarter of their current employees have been with the company more than a decade.
  3. The employees in the company get to vote every two years for a charity for the employer to support.
  4. M&Co has a charity payroll initiative. This allows employees to give money from their pay to any charity in the UK. This is taken before tax and can give tax relief of up to £5 for every £10 donated.
  5. A massive 98 percent of the M&Co workforce are female.

Products and Services

M&Co is predominately a clothing retailer. It sells a wide-range of clothing for women, men and children both online and in its stores. These clothes include a mix of their own brands and a selection of stock from well-known designers such as Ben Sherman and Pretty Polly.

As well as general women’s clothing such as swimwear, trousers, tops, dresses and partywear. The retailer also has dedicated sections for plus size and petite clothing. They also sell a range of accessories, including jewellery, shoes and handbags.

For the younger generations, M&Co has their Kylie brand, which is aimed at younger teenage girls looking to stay on top of the latest clothing trends.

Their men’s section stocks everything from casual outfits to underwear and pyjamas. The company also plan to launch a suit hire section, perfect for special occasions.

As well as clothing, M&Co are now stocking various homeware products. These include; duvet sets, candles, bathroom accessories, ornaments and cushions.

A Brief History

The McGeoch family, who founded M&Co, originally opened their first shop – a pawnbrokers – in 1834. In 1953, Neil McGeoch began converting these pawn shops over to clothes shops, which were original known as MacKays. By 1969, there were over 50 of these stores open, including the first in London.

To this day, the McGeoch name is still involved with M&Co, making it effectively a family-run business. These days, as well as over 300 stores in the UK, the company also own several retail shops across the globe, under different names.

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