Leaders is a group of independent property agents and one of the largest in the UK. They have more than 120 branches spread throughout England. Their main services will appeal to landlords by providing them with buy-to-let advice, free rental valuations and services such as organising viewings, finding tenants and collecting rent. They will also help manage the sale of a property, help you buy a property, or offer surveying services - and they help those wanting to buy property through auctions by helping clients get to terms with the processes involved.

Leaders Opening Times And Branch Locations

Leaders operate a fleet of branches making up a grand total that exceeds 110 establishments. These branches can be found in an array of major towns and cities across the UK. They are usually spotted in high streets and in busy areas. The branches are dispersed between more than 90 locations. This means many UK residents can access a branch close by and some residents even have more than one branch within their local area. Spotting one of their establishments is fairly straightforward. Just look out for the company logo which sits on their storefronts. This logo is a big capital ‘L’ and the company name next to it; below that is the phrase “Connecting people with property”. All the text is in a white font and it sits on a dark blue background.

Leaders opening times at most of their branches are the same. They are open between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, Leaders opening times are slightly reduced by a couple of hours as they are open from 9am to 6pm. Many branches are closed on Sundays. It is advised to check the specific hours of the Leaders branch you that you intend to visit. Some branches may work from a different schedule due to their location and for other reasons. It is also recommended to consult specific Leaders opening times at certain period of the year, such as New Year’s Day, the Christmas period, bank holidays and the Easter holidays. Finding the opening times of a branch is easy. Opening-times.co.uk has a locator tool where any local branch’s opening times can be checked in heartbeat.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Leaders

Leaders have been operating in the UK for a while and will have helped many of general public find a perfect home or sell their home. However, despite their growing reputation, there are many things about the company that people will not be aware, including:

  1. They also carry out property security inspections which includes ensuring that properties comply with current standards - this can also include certification of gas, electricity and other fixtures and fittings
  2. They have a sister company called Romans
  3. Both have backing from Bowmark Capital LLP
  4. They have carried out extensive charity work, raising a great deal of money
  5. They are members of The Property Ombudsman which ensures that their work is regulated to a very high standard

Products And Services

Their range of services can be divided up into different categories. They have services for landlords, services to appeal to tenants and services that will be of use to people wanting to buy or sell a property. For landlords, they offer buy-to-let advice and free rental valuations. They also offer to manage a property that is to be rented. They can help landlords find tenants and then take over the managing of the tenancy from the initial viewing to when the keys are handed back in. They will collect payments, arrange inspections, help locate tradespeople to fix issues and more. They also offer help to sell and buy property by offering surveying services, security inspections and will walk clients through the process, including property bought and sold at auction.

A Brief History

Leaders was founded over 30 years ago in 1983. They have grown their number of branches considerably during their existence and now have many branches spread through most parts of England. They went into partnership with Romans – another property service company – in 2016. Both companies are joined by the Leaders Romans Group, which is financially backed by Bowman Capital. Together they have over 150 branches.

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