Jigsaw is a British retailer specialising in fashionable clothing items. It carries products for women, men and even children and along with the main garments, they also sell a range of high quality and stylish accessories. Things such as socks, underwear, t-shirts, jumpers, trousers and dresses can all be found on the racks. As of 2015, there was a total of 56 stores up and down the country. One of the curious things about Jigsaw stores is that unlike most branches of the same chain, they each have their own unique decor and style, giving them a somewhat eclectic feel.

The individualism for each outlet is not just as a gimmick though, as it helps them to fit in with their surroundings to help add to the area, rather than hindering it. As the company is focused not on following trends, but on producing and selling timelessly stylish garments, their items never go out of fashion.

Jigsaw Opening Hours and Locations

There are over 80 actual Jigsaw stores and 50 department store-situated outlets around the country, so there is always a Jigsaw near you wherever you live. As noted above, all Jigsaw establishments are slightly different, it can be a little trickier to find than others. However, regardless of whether an individual store has a red, blue or even black sign, the actual logo is very much the same in terms of font and, with the tail of the J hanging down below the rest of the word. It is also the only company with outlets of that name.

The opening times for Jigsaw are as varied as the decor and dimensions of the actual shops themselves, with some opening from 10am to 7pm and others 9am to 9pm. Generally, though, no store will be open earlier than 9am and later than 10pm. It's always recommended that anyone looking to go to a Jigsaw branch near them, checks the precise opening times for that store, as well as keeping in mind that on special occasions and public holidays the times may be different, on Boxing Day and New Year's Eve for example. Use our store locator for this company to see if there’s a Jigsaw near you open today.

5 Fun Facts about Jigsaw

As a fashion store, Jigsaw has a reputation for producing carrying beautifully crafted and stylish items. They are popular haunts of men, women and even children looking for high-quality products, and fans of the stores probably know a lot about them. We live in that kind of day and age, where we want to know as much as possible. Having said that, there may still be things that even the most dedicated Jigsaw shopper doesn't know. which is why we have put together five of our favourite facts. While they are unlikely to give you the depth of knowledge you might need to pass the specialist subject round on Mastermind, we still think they are worth noting for all fans of trivial knowledge.

  1. For fans of celebrities and royalists, this may not be particularly new, but Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridgeshire worked as an assistant accessories' buyer from 2006 to 2007. She worked for four days a week so she could manage the commitments of her relationship
  2. Designers such as John Pawson and Nigel Coates have worked on Jigsaw outlets to give them each their own style and feel
  3. Famed German fashion and fine art photographer Juergen Teller has worked on various advertising campaigns for the fashion brand over the years
  4. Millie Mackintosh of Made in Chelsea fame was recently seen wearing a yellow linen suit from the chain
  5. Again, might not be a new fact, but worth noting for its socially conscious content, but Jigsaw ran a Love Immigration advertising campaign recently celebrating the diversity of British fashion

Products and Services

As a high street fashion brand that is focused on timeless looks, Jigsaw has a wide selection of clothing for men and women. Everything from men's suits, shirts, coats and jackets to t-shirts, trousers and knitwear can be found in a local establishment. Whereas, for women, there's a wide range of dresses, jumpsuits, cashmere items, trousers, jeans, skirts, shirts and blouses for women, as well as many accessories for both and an array of girl's items too.

The company also offers the Jigsaw by Appointment personal shopping service, for individuals looking for help deciding on what to buy. They take a sympathetic approach to budget constraints and lifestyle demands and the trained staff help make the shopping experience stress-free and incredibly enjoyable. The types of appointments they offer are divided into different categories - The Big Day, The Seasonal Update, The Workwear Overhaul and the Group Session.

Brief History of Jigsaw

Jigsaw was first established by Malcolm Webster and John Robinson in 1972 after Robinson took a trip to Turkey and bought a sheepskin coat. He received so many compliments from people and requests for where he got it, that he and his friend Webster went to Istanbul and bought sixty more and sold them when they returned home. Following this endeavour, he launched the first outlet in Brighton, followed by another in Hampstead, a couple of years later. Although it is now popular for selling both menswear and womenswear, the brand only launched its menswear range in 1994. Jigsaw Junior soon followed in 1996. By 2004, the company was branching out overseas and opened a store in LA, among other locations.

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