Iceland Supermarket, often shortened to just Iceland, is a chain of supermarkets operating in Britain. They sell a range of typical supermarket foods such as meat, fruit and vegetables but put an emphasis on frozen foods and convenience meals. Here you can find all the daily conveniences such as milk, bread, eggs and packeted foods, however a large percentage of the store is dedicated to frozen space. Not only are there a range of frozen desserts, but you can also find a selection of frozen meats and snack food. If the opening hours of an Iceland near you aren’t convenient, you can always opt for a home delivery service which is free over a certain amount spent. They have more than 800 supermarkets spread throughout the UK. Their stores also offer a home delivery service.  They are well known for their advertising campaigns, often harnessing well-known celebrities - coining the phrase “Mum’s gone to Iceland” as a hook which is one of the best known in the UK.

Iceland Opening Times And Store Locations

Their extensive number of stores are found on the high streets and in shopping precincts in over 280 major UK towns and cities. Those living in larger cities have access to more Iceland supermarkets than those living in less-populated areas. Newcastle, Edinburgh and Reading are the cities with some of the most Iceland stores. Finding an Iceland store in these cities and in their other locations is easy. Identifying one of their supermarkets is straightforward thanks to their distinct branding, signs and storefronts. The Iceland logo, which sits above the entranceway of their stores, is their company name in white text on a bold two-toned orange background. The rest of their storefronts are usually orange and stand out on the high street.

The supermarket opening hours of Iceland may vary but most stores have the same opening and closing hours. They are open seven days per week, however the opening times may differ according to their location. From Monday to Friday they are open between 8am and 7pm. On a weekend the opening times for Iceland supermarkets remain the same on Saturdays but on Sundays, the store is open for fewer hours. Iceland is open between 10am and 4pm on these days. They may also change  on certain days of the year such as New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays. It is advised to check with a specific branch on their opening hours to avoid disappointment, or you can use our store locator for an Iceland near you.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Iceland

Iceland area a well-known supermarket but there are some things about the business and how they operate that will not be common knowledge among the general public. Here are five interesting facts about the company:

  1. They sponsored the TV show ‘I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ for many years
  2. They removed palm oil from their own produce for environmental reasons
  3. After they bought a chain of rival stores, they could not refurbish them quickly enough so they had to include the other store’s name in their advertising
  4. Iceland has a store in Iceland!
  5. The owners were fired from Woolworths after starting the business but then bought Woolworths out years later

Products And Services

Iceland supermarkets specialise in selling frozen foods. They sell a range of meats, vegetables, treats, pizzas and convenience meals. However, they also sell fresher produce such as fresh meats and food from shelves rather than fridges and freezes. This includes confectionery, snack and baked goods. They also have a range of £1 products and sell household cleaning items. One service offered by their stores is home delivery - customers can do their shopping in-store and then request for it to be delivered to their home if they spend over a certain amount.

A Brief History

The first branch of Iceland was established in 1970 in Shropshire by business partners Peter Hinchcliffe and Malcolm Walker. The name came as a suggestion from Mrs. Walker. At the time of setting up the business, the pair were working for Woolworths and once their store manager discovered their new venture they were fired. Ironically, Iceland would go on to buy out Woolworths once the company went bust in 2009. In just eight years the pair had opened another 25-plus stores. They continued to buy into other businesses and ended up being owned by Icelandic banks themselves. The company have recently opened another distribution centre and created more jobs. They continue to operate successfully in the UK and Ireland.

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