Without question, Haart is easily one of the largest independent estate agency chains in the United Kingdom. It provides a number of services that allow people to find, sell or rent properties throughout the UK. Connecting buyers with sellers and landlords with tenants, Haart is known for having excellent customer service and a broad range of properties on their listings. They offer clients a channel to connect with properties and property seekers, as well as helping with documentation and confusing processes. There are currently more than 100 branches of Haart in the UK and between them, they list a combined 20,000 properties on average each day.

Haart Opening Times And Branch Locations

High streets up and down the United Kingdom will have a Haart estate agency on them but as you would expect, cities are where you will find most of their establishments. London, for example, currently has more than 25 Haart branches. Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow have slightly less, but the company continues to expand it’s high street presence.

A dark purple logo with ‘Haart’ written in white is how you can identify one of their establishments quickly and as far as their opening times go, these are pretty standard across the board. You can expect most Haart opening times to be the same with most of them open at 8.30 AM between Monday and Friday while they will close at 6 PM. Haart is always closed on Sundays, but their opening times run from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays.

Bank holidays and major holidays over Christmas and Easter will bring a variation to Haart opening times. This means that anyone looking to visit a Haart on Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday or Easter Monday will have to check with the specific store beforehand to ensure that they are open. Or, you can instead use the branch locator at opening-times.co.uk to find flawless Haart opening times of one of their specific establishments near you. This is free to use and always accurate!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Haart

Although one of the leading chains of estate agencies in the UK, we are sure that many of you were unaware of at least some of these facts:

  1. Haart lists more than 20,000 homes with an average combined value of £3bn at any given time
  2. In order to help you find buyers, sellers and landlords that other agents cannot find you, Haart makes use of an innovative social media marketing tool made in Scandinavia called ‘Flink’
  3. Haart partners with the ‘Magic Moments’ charity to help them provide support to children and their families that are suffering from life-impacting illnesses. They have raised more than £1 million for the charity so far
  4. Multiple awards have been won by Haart over the years with their latest being their Witham branch scooping Gold at the 2017 British Property Awards
  5. Haart is owned by the Spicerhaart group of companies that owns other estate agents such as Chewton Rose, Darlows and Just Mortgages in the UK

Products and Services

Haart operates as an estate agency that will be able to help buyers and sellers or landlords and tenants connect. Acting as the middleman, Haart will advertise the properties or rentals of properties in their agencies, show interested parties around the property and handle all the work involved in getting contracts signed and both ensuring parties are happy with the arrangements.

Selling a home can be difficult so Haart will manage all of this for you by finding interested buyers. As for those looking to buy, they will do whatever they can to find them the ideal property that is within their price range. They will also help those that are looking to rent a property or landlords that are trying to find tenants for their own properties. Along with helping the process of renting or buying properties, Haart also offers financial and legal advice.

A Brief History

Haart came into existence back in 1999 when the SpicerHaart group of companies acquired Woolwich Property Services and was renamed. SpicerHaart themselves were founded ten years prior and they already owned and ran Just Mortgages, Spicer McColl and Felicity J Lord. Over the years Haart has consistently opened up new branches of its chain of estate agents and now sits with more than 100 of them all over the United Kingdom.

Further acquisitions by SpicerHaart since then have included Darlows, Haybrook, Thompson Currie, Brooks and Harper James. This on top of launching other agencies such as Chewton Rose, Mustbesold.com and Chainfree.com makes SpicerHaart one of the leading estate agency and financial services companies in the United Kingdom.

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