HSS Hire

HSS Hire

HSS Hire is a tool and equipment hire firm that has branches all across the United Kingdom and Ireland. With more than 250 branches you are never too far away from a branch that will no doubt have the tools and equipment that you need whether for personal, trade or business use. Some popular items that they hire include cleaning items, power tools, saws, electric cutting tools, lighting, gardening machinery and landscape tools. They are the perfect contact for DIYers carrying out a personal home project or for professional tradespeople.

Customers have the choice of picking up the tools for themselves or having them delivered after being ordered from an HSS Hire establishment or on their website online.   HSS Hire can work with both trade and private clients, with an extensive range of equipment that can be delivered along with the equipment and training, if required.

HSS Hire Opening Times And Branch locations

HSS Hire can be found in cities and towns all across the UK & Ireland but it is the cities that will have the most branches. London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham, in particular, are well represented by HSS Hire locations. Bright yellow lettering on a blue background is what makes up their logo and once you have seen it, it is difficult to forget. Industrial estates are where you will commonly find HSS Hire stores but you will also see them on some major high streets as well.

Anyone in need of some tool hire will usually be able to enter most of their stores between standard opening hours. HSS Hire opening times are usually between 7.30 AM and 5.30 PM, but these times may differ depending on the location of the specific branch in question. Those hours are in operation from Monday to Friday but on Saturdays, you may read HSS Hire opening times boards displaying 8 AM to 1 PM. Most stores are closed on Sundays but you should check the hours for the HSS Hire store near you as you may be surprised to learn that it is open. To get accurate HSS Hire opening times it is best to consult the branch locator at opening-times.co.uk. This free and easy-to-use tool will find the exact opening times of any local HSS Hire establishment.

The only other time you are likely to see different opening times is over Christmas and on holidays such as Easter Monday, Good Friday and bank holidays.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About HSS Hire

Take a look at five facts about HSS Hire that many do not know:

  1. HSS Hire currently employs close to 3,000 staff and has a fleet of vehicles totaling more than 800
  2. In 2015, HSS Hire was floated on the London Stock Exchange
  3. HSS Hire does not only lease out their equipment but also has a range of products that they sell as well
  4. All tools and equipment are tested once returned and once again before being hired out again to ensure complete safety
  5. Bert Taylor founded the company in Kensington back in 1957

Products and Services

HSS Hire offers a wide range of tools and equipment for hire such as equipment for carpet cleaning, sanding & fixing, heating and gardening and landscaping. Customers have the ability to visit them and collect the tools from their nearest store or they can have them delivered and then collected again once they are finished with them.

These tools are available for home DIY’ers, tradesmen that need a tool in a hurry or even some of the biggest construction companies in the UK and HSS Hire guarantees that all tools and equipment are regularly checked for safety and performance. The tools are all from known and trusted leading brands and HSS Hire regularly claims that they are never out of stock on any popular product.

A Brief History

1957 was the year that the company, which was originally called The Hire Service Company, first came to life. Kensington in London was its birthplace and such was its success that there were a further five stores added by the time the swinging sixties came around. More than 50 years later and you can see just how far this tool hire company has come. Now one of the leading companies of its kind in the UK, it has hundreds of supercentres and stores around the United Kingdom and is renowned for quality, reliability and safety.

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