HSBC is a retail bank offering a range of financial products and services. They offer products to cater for personal banking and business banking. Some of their most popular products include a range of different types of current accounts, savings accounts, bonds, investment banking and ISAs. They also offer different types of credit cards and personal loans. Owners of businesses can take out business accounts and business loans. They currently operate in more than 50 countries across every continent. In the UK, they have more than 1000 branches spread around major towns and cities. With so many branches, it is a good job you can find accurate and local HSBC opening times here on

HSBC Opening Times And Branch Locations

Their branches can be found in many high streets and major town and city centres. They also have a wide-ranging network of standalone ATMs that provide customers with 24-hour access to funds and other services. Many UK residents can access a nearby branch and some people living in more-populated areas can walk or drive to more than one nearby HSBC establishment.

It is relatively easy to identify one of their branches because they have a distinct logo that has become recognisable among the UK public. It simply reads the bank name in black text and next to the text is a white and red rectangle design originating from Hong Kong. In 2018, they switched the text from the left side of the design to the right side of the design. Some branch signs may not have adopted the switch as of yet.

Most HSBC opening times run from the same schedule. These business hours are from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. On weekends, many of their branches are closed. Some of their establishments will be open at the weekend and their hours may differ to the weekday opening times just stated. It is always best to check for HSBC opening times of a specific branch on New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and bank holidays as hours could change and some establishments may be closed. You can check the details of any HSBC branch openign times on by using our free and simple-to-use branch locator tool.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About HSBC

The banking giants have become part of the high street furniture throughout UK towns and cities. Their familiarity with local residents does not mean there is nothing else to be known about the bank. Some somewhat hidden but interesting facts about the bank include:

  • They are over 150 years old
  • Established during the British Hong Kong era, they acknowledge this with the retention of the logo designed in Hong Kong
  • HSBC are active in every continent across the world
  • They employ over 200,000 members of staff
  • HSBC have over 1000 branches in the UK alone

Products And Services

HSBC offers a range of products available to residents, including everyday accounts for day-to-day spending, generic savings accounts, credit cards and personal loans. They also offer mortgages and tailored business accounts and loans for business owners. They offer different avenues of investing and provide customers with a range of insurance policies to protect homes, car, travel, landlords and provide life cover.

These products can be applied for in one of their UK-wide branches and by using online banking for existing customers. Accounts can be accessed and transactions may be executed by speaking to a teller in person or by using telephone and internet banking services. Internet services are always open while telephone banking has extended business hours.

A Brief History

HSBC was established in Hong Kong while it was under the British rule in 1865. The person responsible for its formation was a Scotsman by the name of Sir Thomas Sutherland. It emerged into the UK by taking over the Midland Bank in 1992. Since then, it has continued to expand within the UK and in other territories. It remains one of the biggest banks in the world, making extensive use of the banking network that had grown in Hong Kong before it was handed back to the Chinese at the end of the period of British rule.

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